People abusing kick system

So this guys i assume are premade group abusing kick system because they are so bad at the game that they will not allow a random que person to do there weekly tasks.

Not much to do about that unfortunately. As long as you get matched with randoms by yourself, there’s always the chance you get matched with bad players who are rude or outnumber you in the vote kick.

I will say that grims are needlessly punishing and should be toned back. As they are now it is good to ask whether people want to do grims or not. You may wish to try the discord and try an LFG for grims, or run grims exclusively on lower difficulty missions where people are less likely to care.

What bothers me is that i did not manage to block then and they waisted my time, they should have say this from the start at the mission prep would have just left and did not care.

Well this is what happens with no private games. Probably faster for them to kick you and keep moving instead of stopping to ask you to leave and more likely getting a “screw you, you didn’t pay for my copy I play how I want, whatever, whatever.”


I feel your frustration.

However, as Giardia said, it is better to ask and not expect others tell you.

Taking a grim impacts the whole team and by design lowers the success chance of the mission. Thus this is best addressed as a team decision.

Should someone play a grim mission when they plan not to take one? Probably not. Then again, if you quick started a mission you have no way of avoiding that. Also you can change your mind during mission, i.e. after seing the team not being up to the task. (actually a good cue for any role play and discussion, but that is likely not gonna happen with these guys)

Regarding blocking - aren’t those anymore in your previous missions list? (Should keep around 10 of your last rounds…)

Anyway… This SHOULD be a rare thing.
Please report if this keeps happening to you or others.

I came across a group that spewed out profanity for half the mission then called me toxic for not responding to their toxicity and kicked me, as much as that is annoying wasting my time it is even worse that I cannot block them due to how bad the blocked player list is, their names do not match etc making it impossible to tell who I am blocking.

This is what bad design leads to. Situation is on the devs. People don’t want to take grims if they don’t need them because they add nothing of value for the potential risk. Especially now that wiping is meant to wipe all of your collected resources. Sucks that happened to you though.


I now see the issue. Thank you for the insight. That is something that can use improvement.

To be fair there was 3 other guys that didn’t want you to disrupt their game with a grimoire. They couldn’t do anything about it other than to ask or kick you. Maybe it’s a crap take but I’m happy that the majority of the players had it their way and the one player couldn’t grief the other 3.


Well… it’s also kind of democracy at work. they didn’t wanna risk the grimoires and they were the majority. This is basically why voting exists… Not sure I call this abuse so much as working as intended? It still sucks for you though. I feel for you.

I’ve seen people ask or state at the start of missions that they’re going for secondaries and whether that’s ok with everyone or not. I’d say this is good practice to start with, especially when it comes to Grimoires and penances.

Abusing the voting system would be what I heard in the mourning star earlier today…
One dude was venting after being kicked for wearing a Cosmetic Shop outfit, players were pissed that he had spent money in the cashshop and at the end of the mission they vote kicked him because of it and laughed at him, wasting his 20-30mins for doing the mission.
that would be trolling and abusing the voting system, as well as straight up bullying.

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There should be a vote system or matchmaking filters to aim for scriptures/grims.
In quickplay games you don’t know if you’ll end up in a mission with secondary objectives.

But grimoires can ruin a run if there’s no solid teamwork (depending on difficulty obviously).
I usually ask to drop a grim if I think there’s a good chance it might go bad (people spread out, no visible teamwork, etc.).
But it’s always difficult to choose to stay or leave.
Never kicked anyone for this or even pulled up the kick menu as it would feel harsh.
(+ the kick prompt right in your face is a good way to get killed until you click the button. Awful design)
But maybe I should, because I play on Asian servers and not everyone understands the English language - so there’s no way to know if they ignored the request (to drop the grim) or if they did not understand it.

I understand why people would just go and kick players.
The stupid weeklies to-do-list is not gameplay imo. It’s lazy design.
It’s not because it’s common in other games that it’s a good idea (but certainly easier to implement than more engaging and complex gameplay content).

There kinda is one, since when you pick a mission it tells you there will be grim or books to pick up so when you que for something like that in my opinion you que for something you know people have the option to take them.
You could make the argument they que for quick play but again why would you do that knowing you can get anything and there is no extra reward for quick play like in V2, so again if you que for quick play that means you are sighing up to do random activities help other people doing random stuff, i que for specific things i need when i`m doing weekly when i just want to play the game i que for quick playing meaning i agree to help random people do random things on a set difficulty.
If they have premade they should have just que for a mission whit no grim, not punish other people for there choice, wasting half the mission time.

This is what happens when Fatshark decides to release their game without private lobbies

People want to play with their friends and ONLY their friends.

Who would’ve thunk those such people exist, including myself?!

Glad the mtx shop is in though


I get that and I understand the intent to play just what you want.
The whole mission system is just not practical.
If I want to play at a set difficulty level, I fire up the game, and enter the quickplay queue. I don’t care about additional rewards.
Otherwise there’s not much choice due to the maps rotation.

But again: I’m not hostile to people who want to pick up the tomes (I don’t care about them, not a fun content for me). I usually gladly participate as long as the group has some coordination and teamwork not the still too common bunch going their merry way (even in Malice or Heresy, but that’s more unusual).

More options would serve us all.
The current system is just clunky imho. Picking up tomes is not fun or rewarding (“go fetch”), hence the occasional hostility from people who don’t want to bother with them. Impolite, but that’s mostly FS’s fault.
Remove the weeklies/to-do-list and I’m pretty sure many players won’t bother with tomes anymore.

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Scoreboard is the source of toxicity though amirite? /s

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It’s abuse

But also don’t pick up grimoires without asking your team

This is not abusing. Not at all.
You took the Grim without clearing it with your Group. You make it harder for them, waste their Time, or even ruin their Mission.
And you are the only one who gets something out of it. They dont get extra Exp. They dont get Loot.
They dont have to tell you to not collect them. There is no reward, so there is no need for collecting them. You want them, you have to ask. Easy as that.
If you do your own thing against what they as the majority decided, it is their right to kick you. Thats why it is a Vote of majority.

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The majority of the group does not want to take a grimoire.

So either drop yours and enjoy finish playing that game with them or just join another group that won’t mind.

No abuse here.