Penitent Engine punishment for the worst of sinners among us

"To be a pilot of a Penitent Engine is to have committed a terrible crime, one so heinous that punishment such as imprisonment, exile, Arco-flagellation or even execution is deemed too lenient. The repentant Heretic is hard-wired into the front of the war engine, and unlike Space Marine Dreadnoughts, which are fully enclosed, the penitent sinner is fully exposed to enemy attack, relying only upon the Emperor’s judgement to keep them safe or take their life.

Many of the souls that are punished in this way may have once been members of the Ecclesiarchy; Imperial Priests who have fallen from the Emperor’s grace, or even Battle-Sisters who have failed in their faith or through their mistakes have caused the death of others. "

I am guilty of having caused my whole team to die!!
Please FatShark, I need this kind of punishment!!

I´m a terrible terrible sinner!!