Class related penances

So…today I completed the last penance related to classes. Since I performed them without “workarounds”, trying to honestly fulfill all the achievements of the new update (path of redemption).

Considering the “nuances” already known to everyone who tried to perform them (grind, grind, grind), I want to highlight the MOST annoying ones.


Penance with marksman keystone. Why. Just why. Why am I being forced to shoot not at specialists or the elite, but at the crowd for the sake of numbers?


O my god. Not only is this a test of patience (because registering kills in the back is lame), but you also force me to play separately from the team. I have been doing this penance for 2 days. For two days, I haven’t heard anything from my teammates except for a misunderstanding of why I’m doing a speedrun. Please don’t do any more such penances. I am silent that if you do not play in English, the description of this test says that you should commit murders in the back WITHOUT the EFFECT of coherence, while not pointing out the need for a specific aura at all.


Well. Me love shoot heretics, but even for me 4500 lucky bullets is TOO MUCH. And u know how u can cheese this? Go to the orthus offencive in private game and just ring the bell (i hope all already have this shortcut) and just shoot in near wall. U dont need to actually shoot enemies. This penance not so annoying for me, but its just grindy as hell.

About “blow up 25 enemies with ogryn grenade” i dont wanna talk. Its bad.


Well. My main is psyker so all penances i done in first day. Most annoying (but not grindy) for me is penance where u need to use kinetic presence. I just dilike it (to weak in my opinion). But - i done it VERY fast.

So, since the topic of not very well-thought-out penances has already been raised here, I suggest in this topic to express your opinion about achievements and possible ways to improve them. I understand that they will not listen to us, but doing something is better than doing nothing.

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I do not get why this penance requires backstab kills.
It seems pointless to me.

Killing ranged units while out of coherency would make perfect sense.
You rush a bit ahead to clear them, before they become a problem for the team.
But backstab kills make absolutely no sense, because that is not how you fight these enemies.

Now you have to also use stun grenades or go invis (although those two things have their own penances), or go out of your way to stagger the shooters and then quickly run behind them so that you can backstab them one by one.

Backstabs make sense for the invis ult, because you gain backstab bonuses, but for the loner penance, simply killing ranged units while affected by loner, would be much more reasonable.

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