Penance grind reward

This is exactly why the zealot stun grenade penance is ruining the game for me. I’m too obsessive compulsive to not do the penances. I can’t let it go now they offer lots more shiny things.

Before when it was just a book stand, it felt like penances were just something you gave a go when you were bored. Now they’re the whole reason for playing.

So yeah kinda agree with the sentiment.

I do enjoy completing many of them, but ones designed badly like the zealot stun grenade penance, make it beyond a chore and have become a huge fun sponge… Which I’m sure is the opposite of their intended purpose.

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If you play it how it should be played it is quite rewarding and takes a heavy load off the team. Had quite a lot of fun with it on auric damnation and even managed to clutch a few failed runs with it. Never got any hate for it, but then again I played it normally most of the time, only breaking off the group to flank and disable gunner lines.

It’s also great when the group is backed into a corner with a mixed horde that can’t be quickly deleted whilst getting flanked by gunners. You literally walk out the front, dodge pushing and jumping your way out and delete the gunners, maybe take out a bulwark or crusher on your way out. It gives you the chance to massively relieve the tension in a potentially fccked situation.
This also applies to bombers and flamers. I always break off the group to get them the moment I hear their sound. You can take out 2-3 bombers that spawn at the same time before they can throw a single bomb that way.

The really bad part about it is the very VERY wonky backstab detection. Sometimes I’d perfectly backstab a gunner from invis and it wouldn’t count. Despite being miles away from the group and not in coherency. So it’s more a game of patience compared to other penances.

You basically only break off the group when there’s a difficult to reach target to take care off. Otherwise you play as you normally would. When played correctly shroudfield Zealot can turn the game easy mode for the rst of the group. It requires you to know when to break off though. You also have to watch your aggro dumping.
I sometimes just use it to break the attack chain on crushers/maulers/trapers, so I can get an extra hit in and potentially kill them before they can make another attack, but in rare cases where everything is tightly clumped they won’t attack cancel and simply retarget another player midswing and onetap them. So you have to manage that as well, otherwise you can actively sabotage the team further.

It’s a very effective tool with a lot of mistakes to make that can make a run incredibly difficult or incredibly hard for the team. There’s a reason it’s so polarizing, but it definitely is fun when it works. The penance made me realize that at least.

It also heavily reminded me of playing Shade in V2. When built correctly you can have invis back up in a few seconds so you just pop it whenever you see a stronger elite and immediately delete it.


I spent a bunch of games throwing smoke grenades at pox hordes. Top-tier gameplay right there.

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I spent a mission in diff1 just holding down mouse1 on my ogryn with a heavy stubber from start to finish picking up every ammo box i could find. Luckily the 2 people on my team understood what I was trying to do and gave me all the ammo, even dumping crates in front of me.
Then I saw the penance was only at like 7% and just though f*ck it, I’m not getting the armor set…

There are so many penances tied to playstyles I don’t enjoy and they are so grind heavy… Shame really cause the end armor for Ogryn is the only free armor that is unique and actually looks like it would have some decent protection, not just a t-shirt with 1 armor plate, or wifebeater with a leather belt…

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Get the fastest machine gun with lots of ammo, then go to the easiest mission, stand next to the ammo box and shoot the floor… Tested - it works.

That’s what I did and after a full mission shooting pretty much non stop the penance was at 7%

At first I also ran gold missions, but then I started going into the weakest missions, where 1-3 enemies is a wave. I just stood at the very beginning, shot ammo, exited and went into another weak mission without looking for ammo, etc.

P.S. I already had half of my repentance done when I started this. I finished after 30 minutes or so.

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Just make sure whenever you cross the grind milestone its in Auric so it counts for the auric assignment penance. I would also suggest ‘many more try’ mod since it is totally valid for this purpose - not griefing other people while you throw grenades at hordes, waste ammo or try to kill things with 10 marksmen stacks etc. Fat Shark also wants to fix this Enigma machine of a server system they made simply because we figured this out, which doesn’t sit right by me. Private servers for all!

I know the UI is so terrible you have no way of knowing this but ogryn actually only needs all but one penance for the master of war achievement. You can actually skip that one aslong as you do all the others. On all the other classes you need every single penance.

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