[PC] Vermintide 2 - Patch 1.6 BETA - Update #1

Perhaps doing them in segments? Making sure known bugs are squashed before introducing new features for testing?

The BBB was over a few updates so there’s no reason this couldn’t be.


Except it’s going live in 3 days.

Maybe they just want to avoid the same disaster that happend with 1.5 release - when the game was unplayable for 2 days due to constant crashes and most of the sanctionet mods were broken
With the live beta test from players they can perhaps catch some of the most offending potential problems… :slight_smile:

When can we get no HUD? I’m just asking mainly because i want to fully immerse myself in the game like how I did in Vermintide End times. It would be really nice to have that implemented

Yes and it’s a good thing to do open beta for patches (or even closed betas to a selected few sanctionned modders at the very least) but my question was about versioning and why is this flag a 1.6.0 patch and not 1.5.1 since it only provides few fixes.

Probably because we are missing the anniversary event tied to this patch (just my guess).

If you’re interested there in addition to the hotfix files have been uploaded to the new mission alternative, texture (sealing of holes in the cards (*and that’s not all *))

seems this is more an alpha than a beta :smiley:

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We’ve just put out a patch for the 1.6 BETA.

  • Fixed crash that could occur on levels when clients interacted with level objects.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when joining someone on the defaul game from the beta.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to apply illusions.
  • Fixed issue with only one player being able to pickup ravaged art scraps.
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