[PC] Vermintide 2 - Patch 1.2.1 BETA & Hotfix #2

Hotfix #2 - 12/10/2018

  • Made the Social Wheel easier to mod by moving out category selection to separate settings file.
  • Added an extra check for the Conflict Director when it’s deciding to spawn enemies to challenge speed runners. It will now wait to spawn extra enemies if the player has allies that are awaiting respawn in front of that player. This is to avoid punishing players that go for revives by outrunning enemies.
  • Fixed Missing 2nd grim and 3rd tome on Convocation of Decay.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a a body part of a precision target enemy was removed by another player before connecting with the swing.
  • Fixed an uncommon Social Wheel crash that could occur if the pickup unit got removed the frame before you try to give a pickup order.
  • Fixed drakegun and flamestorm staff not being able to do a charged attack.

Hotfix #1 - 10/10/2018

  • Fixed crash that occurred when ordering player to drop grimoire.
  • Fixed so that you cannot give orders to players that have respawned and are waiting to be rescued.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if the pickup disappeared whilst giving an order to pick it up.


Welcome to this beta test of patch 1.2.1, release #40. In this release, we’re making changes to crafting, adding a new type of crafting material - Bright Dust, adding a new feature with the Social Wheel, changes to how the game handles speed running. And many more tweaks and bug fixes.

To share your feedback privately with the team, please check out our regular beta survey or feel free to drop your bugs, feedback and findings on the dedicated sub forum.

To access the 2GB beta patch:

  • Right-click Warhammer: Vermintide 2 in your game list.
  • Select properties.
  • Go to the ‘Betas’ tab and enter the password: 2GBBeta20181009
  • Select 1.2.1_beta from the dropdown.

Progress will be kept between the beta and live versions of the game.

You can opt out of the beta should you opt in, but you will incur another ~2GB download each time you switch.

Now, the notes:

The Social Wheel

A new feature - the Social Wheel. The default keybind of holding down ‘T’ will open a popup menu for social interactions. Things like “Help!”, and “Patrol!” will be printed in the chat, translated for all players.

Also, holding down ‘T’ over an item that can be picked up, such as Tomes, Grimoires, and Potions, will command bots to pick up the item. Bots can also be ordered to discard grimoires by looking at the bot and holding down ‘T’.

You can bind the Social Wheel and Tag buttons to separate keys in the regular keybinding interface.


  • Green, Blue, and Orange dust have now been renamed to Jade, Celestial, and Amber dust. These correspond to one of the Orders of Magic in the Old World.
  • Added Bright Dust. Salvaging a Veteran item will grant one Bright Dust.
  • Added the ability to upgrade an Exotic item to a Veteran item. Upgrading an item from Exotic to Veteran quality will cost 5 Bright Dust. An item upgraded to Veteran quality will retain its Traits and Properties, but these will be set to their respective maximum bonus. The item’s Power Level will be set to 300 and it will retain any skin currently applied to it.
  • Extracting Skins has been removed. Whenever a player is rewarded an item with a new illusion, that illusion is unlocked, available for being applied unlimited times.

“Here’s a technical note - the way we handle weapon illusions, by storing them as inventory items, meant they counted toward your item limit. Some of you have a lot of weapon illusions, and were unable to open new chests because of that. With this new system of unlocking weapon illusions, and applying them without consuming them - we will be removing them from your inventory, potentially removing a couple hundred items. This will be done after version 1.2.1 is out of beta, and live.”


  • We noticed that the previous change to the Chaos Troll, where damage would interrupt its health regeneration, made it a bit too easy. So we have reworked the the way the Chaos Troll’s health regeneration works.
    • Its health has been increased on all difficulty settings to 570, up from 475 on Recruit. Increased to 900, up from 750 on Veteran. Increased to 1200, up from 1000 on Champion. Increased to 1800, up from 1500 on Legend.
    • The pause in its health regeneration, from taking damage, has been reduced to 2 seconds, down from 3 seconds.
    • The Chaos Troll’s health passive regeneration has been changed so that it will regenerate increasingly more health the longer it avoids damage.
    • Its health regenerated per second is now scaled over time - up to a cap, based on difficulty. Max health regeneration per second is now 4 in Recruit, where it previously healed 0.5. On Veteran it is now 7, previously 2. On Champion it is 14, previously 5. On Legend it is now 28, previously 10.
    • The time it takes for the Chaos Troll to gain the maximum health regeneration is 12 seconds on Recruit, 10 seconds on Veteran, 8 seconds on Champions and 6 seconds on Legend.
    • So on Legend, a Chaos Troll will reach the maximum health regeneration of 28 health per second, after not having been damaged for 6 seconds.
  • By design, Bosses - like Chaos Trolls and Rat Ogres, are meant to be defeated. However, some of them are fairly easy to outpace. That is why the game features Boss Doors - green flames which cannot be passed until the Boss has been defeated. In this version, we’ve added additional respawn points just before the Boss Doors, to make sure that defeated players won’t respawn behind a Boss Door. We’ve also made changes to how the AI Director works when players try to outrun a Boss. Previously, when a Boss entered play, most spawning of other enemies would stop. This lead to poor pacing when some players would run ahead. Now, the Director will try to spawn Specials to slow down players who outrun Bosses.

“We are open to feedback on this issue. It’s part of the reason we are releasing 1.2.1 as a beta. So please let us know how the new pacing feels to you, especially if you enjoy speedrunning the game.”

  • Bosses will now drop a Loot Die when defeated.
  • Reworked some of the visual effects around glowing eyes. Both Chaos and Skaven will have glowing eyes in dark environments.
  • Increased the reach of Chaos Savages’ attacks to 2, up from 1.75.
  • There’s a new visual effect for enemies on fire. They will burn over time until they’re extra crispy.


  • Many levels have been updated to ensure that enemies, players, and bots are able to properly navigate all areas without getting stuck. Many issues where certain patrol spawn points would spawn enemies in plain sight have been resolved as well.
  • Fixed a few issues on some levels where players would be able to bypass large parts.
  • Fixed an issue where the barn doors on Against the Grain would not properly remove padlocks and chains when opened.
  • Fixed an issue moving down a ladder near the third Tome on Halescourge.


  • Bots can now crouch and are thus able to follow the player at places where they would before get stuck.
  • Made bots less careful about friendly fire while shooting at specials that have grabbed players or at enemies attacking a helpless player.
  • Bots that are ordered to pick up an item but cannot properly navigate to it, will still be able to pick it up.

Career Changes

  • For Pyromancer Sienna, updated the Passive Abilities and Talents “Critical Mass”, “Shield of Tarnus”, “Blazing Equilibrium”, and “One with the Flame”. Reduced the amount of overcharge needed for each stack to 6, down from 8. This will allow Sienna to gain the maximum effect without blowing herself up.
  • For Unchained Sienna, updated the Passive Abilities “Unchained Strength”. Reduced the amount of overcharge needed for each stack to 6, down from 8.

Bugfixes and Tweaks

  • Fixed so that melee sweeps that do not hit their intended target now correctly hit other targets in that sweep. This was one of the causes of “phantom swings”.
  • Improved calculations to more precisely determine the intended target of a melee sweep attack.
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed Kerillian’s Repeating Crossbows to shoot faster than intended when quickly switching between weapons.
  • Altered the double click windows on inputs, this should reduce the occurence of unintentional swings when quickly pressing melee input.
  • Fixed an issue with enemy outlines when targetted by Waystalker Kerillian’s Trueflight Volley and Pyromancer Sienna’s Burning Skull. This fix makes sure that the red “targeted” outline is always shown, even if the targeted enemy has been pinged by a player. This also fixes issues where dead enemies retain their red outlines. This fix was based on the work by prop joe and walterr, and their mods.
  • Fixed an issue with Two-Handed Swords that cleaved through, or slid past armour on training dummies.
  • Fixed an animation issue with Two-Handed Swords push attacks.
  • Fixed several issues with Drakeguns and Drakefire Pistols where they wouldn’t glow correctly when overcharged.
  • Fixed an issue that affected the Career Skills of Pyromancer Sienna, Bounty Hunter Saltzpyre, and Waystalker Kerillian. When jumping onto a ladder shortly after activating their Career Skill, their skill bar would be depleted but no skill being cast.
  • Okri’s Challenge book should no longer glow, nor indicate available Challenges completed, for DLC that hasn’t been purchased.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies could enter state where they crowded around a player without attacking them.
  • Fixed an issue where shield slams could trigger friendly fire voice lines.
  • Fixed an issue where certain attacks, such as the bash with the Grudgeraker, could not damage objects in the levels, such as doors or explosive barrels.
  • Fixed an issue where sound effects from being targeted by a Lord, Boss, or Chaos Warrior were only played on the host.
  • Fixed a visual issue where arrows that did no damage would not stick to Chaos Warriors.
  • Fixed a visual issue where a glowing sphere would be visible for a couple of frames when hitting an enemy with a fireball of any kind.
  • Changed the Scoreboard so that the player with the least amount of damage taken gets the green circle - rather than the player who took the most damage.
  • Fixed an issue where a player or bot that got killed while hanging on a ledge would not respawn.
  • Fixed an issue where the animation for weapon based Career Skills could become stuck if a player was downed while using the skill.
  • Fixed an issue where Medical Supplies could be used up without applying the healing if used on another player that is on low health and gets downed while getting healed.
  • Fixed an issue where the challenge “Feed Me, Sinner!” wouldn’t properly trigger.
  • Unchained Sienna’s arms, in first person, will now properly match her equipped cosmetic skin.
  • Fixed an issue where the Glaive “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” incorrectly showed the name and description of “Greenleaf’s Kelthrax”.
  • Fixed an issue where the effect from Ranger Veteran Bardin’s smoke grenade would end prematurely if another smoke bomb was triggered while the first one still was active.
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases the item property “Damage Reduction vs Area Damage” would not reduce damage from some sources, like Poison Wind Globardier damage over time.
  • Fixed an issue where damage from a Chaos Sorcerer’s Vortex would not be reduced while having a equipped “Damage Reduction vs Chaos” property.
  • Fixed an issue where the push attack of Executioner Swords, and Two-Handed Swords would trigger the talent “Build Momentum” for Foot Knight Kruber.
  • Fixed an issue where the push attack of War Picks would trigger the talent “Miner’s Rythm” for Ironbreaker Bardin.
  • Fixed an issue where shooting with the pistol of the Rapier and Pistol, would break block for the duration of shooting when playing as a client.
  • Fixed an issue where blocking with a shield after an attack could cause the blocking animation to play twice.
  • Fixed an issue where Chaos patrols would turn and pursue players that were behind them.


Requested, and done, nice feature !

Never though you would end up doing this, you’re selling dream (Yes yes, I know this wasn’t hard to do and it took long enough for them to do, but they did it, still better than 50% of the video game company).

Sure why not.

This seems like a really good way to do it, not the best, but still a decent way.

YAAAAAS. By the way, there is a bug when using the Better UI mod, that would nullify “Apply Illusion” cost. If you open Inventory, and go to another character inventory (let’s say I’m Kerillian, open Inventory and click on the Kruber icon), you wouldn’t lose scrap while applying Illusion. Guess that’s irrelevant now.

I still think he won’t even regen at all, but maybe the overall difficulty is in a good state, with the increased health.

Let’s hope they work :3

Wouldn’t call that necessary, but eh, MOAR LOOT.


I swear I sometimes get hit by them while I think I’m out of range, this is gonna be a mess now xD I mean, they maybe needed a buff to make them more threatening, but this isn’t the way I would have done it. Increased run speed, jump length, and distance moved during flurry would be less confusing imo.


So much bots improvements x)

Why ? Not against the change or anything, but did you really felt Pyro and Unchained were underpowered and needed this ?

Great patch overall, was expecting a bit more balance, but the wheel/red/illusion change made it up.

YAAAAAS. By the way, there is a bug when using the Better UI mod, that would nullify “Apply Illusion” cost. If you open Inventory, and go to another character inventory (let’s say I’m Kerillian, open Inventory and click on the Kruber icon), you wouldn’t lose scrap while applying Illusion. Guess that’s irrelevant now.

This bug was actually in the base game. We just didn’t want to fix it as this system was in the works :slight_smile:

Is this real life?
This beta patch has A LOT more in it than I thought it would.
Cannot wait to test this out when I get home.
Thanks FS team.

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Currently crashing shortly after entering the keep on startup. Disabling all sanctioned mods fixed it.

Good job on the reds @Fatshark_Hedge I accidentally salvaged my Faithflight crossbow on Saltzpyre, but I managed to get it back via this new system.

Makes red weapons more accessible, and allows us to try out new builds optimally (I don’t venture in the Modded Realm).


Very nice improvements to see!

Great patch overall, but 5 dupes -> 1 new red is just meh, I have lots of dupes, but thinking how much time I’ve spent to get them it’s kinda slap in the face.

Excellent changes & patch, I can’t wait to try it out! Thank you for listening & putting that input to good use.

Hi @Fatshark_Hedge
Do we keep our progress from beta upon live release? (like crafted vet items)

Yep :slight_smile:

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How do I opt in? Don’t seem to be able to, as opting into the only available “beta” is the “temporary_launcher_workaround” thing that’s always there.

  • Right-click Warhammer: Vermintide 2 in your game list.
  • Select properties.
  • Go to the ‘Betas’ tab and enter the password: 2GBBeta20181009
  • Select 1.2.1_beta from the dropdown.
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Huh. Pretty sure I did exactly that. Maybe I copy-pasted an empty space before it. Many thanks, though.

Very nice, good work on the reds. I can finally finish building all my other classes with just the 50+ necklaces and Trinkets xD

Can someone explain a bit more about the Red item crafting system?

Lets just for examples sake, I have a 300 Power Aunty Bessie skinned handgun for Kruber. Lets just say for example, I upgrade this item to “red” through the new system.

So now I have a red Aunty Bessie skinned handgun? It does not morph into something else… just remains an Aunty Bessie, but red rarity?

Correct. Will full stats that you’re free to reroll into other stats and keep their max roll potentials intact.

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Hot dog, patch looks super awesome! If only I had time to play right now… XD



So the whole patch gives everyone their red’s , a chatwheel and the ability that bots care grims/tomes and save the day from specials?

And don’t forget the lil pyro-fix / buff.

So overall you gift this awful community with their last red’s and fullbook solo runs with buffed bots?
Why do we need a chatwheel then?

Seems to be pretty awesome to kill the whole playerbase with the fact, to give af about newcomers/ casuals and fulfill all the wishes of actually “full grp or solo, sheet on randoms” - players in a coop-game.

I’ve just converted an item from exotic to Veteran, it upgraded successfully but it doesn’t have the blue runes effect that all the veteran items have. This is working as intended or you will be adding that option later? I understand that by converting Exotics to Veterans we basically get a stronger version of our Exotic item, but does it mean that it will never have the Veteran illusion?

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