[PC] Vermintide 2 - Patch 1.6 BETA - Update #1

Same here, worked ok, try rebooting Steam @salvatoreoptimo

It worked. Clear the Steam cache memory.

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Some good bug fixes

There are many many more spots but it’s good you got the really convenient one.

I’m sad that the respawn bug on Into the Nest (that causes players that die in the area after the 3rd tome to the ratogre pens to respawn in front of the gate leading to the Skaven warlord) is not fixed.

Great no more crashing at the end because of the ongoing vote.

Hey almost all illusions are gone, only some are still there, p.e. fireball and conflag for sienna, rapier for saltz, etc.


Yes, there is issue with displaying list of illusions available for applying. Only few select weapons show list of illusions.

Yea, I already put in a bug report for a lot of things, including the missing illusions.

I’m taking a break from the beta today, I’ll jump back on it tomorrow.

"The story of how my friend became a thief of paintings»

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I met a bug or feature (I don’t know how to call it).
After the assassin’s attack (the block was raised right before the assassin’s attack), and after the Passive triggered, Viktor “zealots” remain in place block(block, shield, PKM.) even when I don’t lift it, it continues to remains and block the attacks.

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from 3 games in Beta, 2 of them crashed.
Fort Brasandburger - host crashed when we have got to 2nd grim ()
The Blightreaper - host crashed when we opened doors to the cursed sword
The Blightreaper - I found 2 arts (I was a quest) nobody else saw them, including host.

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Why is this a 1.6.0 release and not 1.5.1 patch?
We get "hot fixes as “1.5.0.X” where X = hot fixes of release 1.5.0

Since this release only bring a few bug fixes shouldn’t it be release 1.5.1?
Nothing really new, mostly bug fixes.

I don’t understand the versioning / release cycle of this game.

It’s not the entire thing:

They still promised a deed overhaul and earning tokens in the weekly missions to exchange for cosmetics.

In this case why release halfway.
New features wouldn’t be tested throughout the beta and might still bring newer untested bugs.

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But choose for yourself:

  • Fatshark quality assurance…
  • Bug fixes is all there is for the anniversary update

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Perhaps doing them in segments? Making sure known bugs are squashed before introducing new features for testing?

The BBB was over a few updates so there’s no reason this couldn’t be.


Except it’s going live in 3 days.

Maybe they just want to avoid the same disaster that happend with 1.5 release - when the game was unplayable for 2 days due to constant crashes and most of the sanctionet mods were broken
With the live beta test from players they can perhaps catch some of the most offending potential problems… :slight_smile:

When can we get no HUD? I’m just asking mainly because i want to fully immerse myself in the game like how I did in Vermintide End times. It would be really nice to have that implemented

Yes and it’s a good thing to do open beta for patches (or even closed betas to a selected few sanctionned modders at the very least) but my question was about versioning and why is this flag a 1.6.0 patch and not 1.5.1 since it only provides few fixes.

Probably because we are missing the anniversary event tied to this patch (just my guess).

If you’re interested there in addition to the hotfix files have been uploaded to the new mission alternative, texture (sealing of holes in the cards (*and that’s not all *))

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