[PC] Vermintide 2 - Patch 1.5 - Weekly Events & Paintings!

what is the reward for the weekly event legend tzeentchian twins? Did it but nothing happened, got a general after 3 tomes and 1 grim

Crashes every time when mob spit in place where spawned can’t stand

I wonder if the cosmetics visible in the salvage items menu is because I disabled all the mods

Found the sanctioned mod Bot Improvements - Combat to be somewhat unstable.

F on them and they are no longer in salvage menu


Why are no weekly events showing for me?
Did you actually add an update to the game that requires waiting 6 days and 12 hours for it to kick in?

I have not got weeklies for the past 2 weeks now. 1 item away from my box.

Doubt. 500 ravaged art is insane. Not a content.


New weekly challenge, which currently is “matrioshka” absolutely COOL! Love it, so much. Hint - kill the loot rat.

Also, have to mention, that with the setting a had perviously, game looked and perfromed better after this patch, keep the good work!

The game is just constantly crashing, first i got a notice it was a mod. i disabled that mod, but the game keeps crashing randomly at weekly event and normal legend runs. i have had atleast 5 crashes since the patch was released… :frowning:

A fix for players stuck at 83/84 Bogenhafen cosmetics will be coming tomorrow, as well as some fixes for the crashes that aren’t mod related.


I prefer to see every player getting their temp health skills and gear and some good item properties a bit quicker. I very much prefer to play with lvl30 noobs than unleveled ones regardless of difficulty level.

It seems like you should still be able to edit the ui_scale in the user_settings.config file.

I’ll check that out.

still it’s again a quite well debugged version :smiley:

I desperately need to be able to self host this weekly event.

For whatever reason this game refuses to match me into games where my ms is under 250.
But when I host everyone who joins my game has amazing MS.

The only reason why this game is actually playable in my location is because the self host mod was sanctioned.

Really bummed I can’t play this new mode!

You guys are funny.

Echoing everyone, I am crashing so often now I literally cannot play, so I refuse to play.

Guys plzz fix

@ Fatshark_Hedge

Can’t access the okri’s challenges book without crashing. Can’t access the map without crashing, can’t play a full match without crashing, going into the inventory resulted in a crash.

Also there’s a HUGE drop in F.P.S before it was a solid 60 now it’s in the 30ies. Fatshark i like you, but goddamn, please test your patches before releasing them.



There seems to be a problem with dual pistols, they seem to never crit, not even with the blessed shots, never getting ammo back. Tested all other weapons and they work fine, crit triggers but not for dual pistols

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