[pc} sign-in error timeout error

So i wasted about 2 hours with this error after buying it 2days ago from sale in steam,i pretty much playd one game after that i quit cause the errors and server issues were killing the mood so i was like"ill let it be for like a day " so i can try again to see if its fixed only to get these errors pop out all i wanted to play this game with my mate after work cause im a huge skaven fan and i really dont want to regret buying this game cause i suggested this to my mate to get so we could play the game.i live in finland my internet is fine so this errors are coming from your side since i tried doing the ipconfig /flushdns and verified files and still getting this error :t_rex:

Which ISP are you with?

Elisa Oyj

also known as ‘SL-CGN’
so today i even started the game i got to start a map theni got a connection error and now im back at the sign in error after launching the game again urgh.

backend error couldn’t connect seem to pop up too as well why is this game in such a bad shape

I’d recommend that you reach out to your ISP and explain you’re having issues with your connectivity to https://5107.playfabapi.com/, which is essentially the endpoint to our backend.

urghhh i could play few games with out these errors but it just keeps happening in my end what am i to tell to them that i cant play my games or connect to this site that gives me plnkwhite screen when i click it :confused:

Simply provide them with the URL and mention that it’s the endpoint to our backend, and you’ve been having issues with your connectivity to it. They may be able to see where it’s all going wrong.

i playd one game only to after i get the rewards i get Backend Error coulnt connect error making me quit the game :confused: are u sure its on my part if its not the patch or something in the game

i play this trough steam

Are you certain you’re not accidentally playing on the ‘Modded’ realm? Please be sure you have the ‘Official’ realm selected using the checkboxes above the ‘Play’ button within the launcher.

yes im sure of it it just seems to pop up Backend Error Couldn’t Connect after i get done with a game when i host im using a zyxel modem and im not a computer wizard so idk why it woulnt connect after game is done when i am playing a game with other players
and now its back to the errors that i get when it starts the game so i dont even get to main menu tis is so random sometimes it lets me in sometimes it lets me play a game with out errors and then it just does errors on the end of the map just very iritating and it looks like alot other users have this problem as well

A couple of people did report experiencing the Sign-In Timeout error yesterday - both of which were located in Germany - but seemed to pass quite quickly. Otherwise it’s been mostly smooth sailing which indicates to me that your issue is caused by something local.

Did you run through all of the solutions listed here?

i verified each time i got the singing in time out error and connection error that forces the game to close i restarted modem to fix it just now compleated a game with out error coming to an end i put avast exclusive to the vermintide file and ipconfig /flushdns was already done too these errors pop up just randomly

After i posted this iwas out tabbed and got the SERVER ERROR
There was a problem while connecting to the game servers please verify your internet connectivity or try again if problem presist ect ect
some post talking about these errors suggest turning on UPnP whitch i did and still happen to get these errors either this server error or the server _connection after i click the only button it loadsoff and then pops out the sign-in timeout forcing me to close the game

Hmmm okay. I really do think you should reach out to your ISP about this.

but im still confused how can it be on my end if i can play any other game just fine with my internet in finland

it woudl work again when i reset internet connection but these random errors pop up in randomly either sometimes or constantly i even re installed entire game to see what in gods name is wrong with it

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