[PC] Patch is now live

tbh I have been hoping for a way to earn those. A way to work toward getting them in CW expeditions would be the perfect to award those skins over time.

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Rumour says javelin’s headshot and/or crit dmg is nerfed without listed in patch note, is that so or just rumour?

10mb patch on PC, was there an actual game patch?

edit: nm, steam would say “workshop” if it was mod related.

Looks like a game patch.

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Definitely a secret bot nerf. :sweat_smile: :frowning:


I’m curious too :thinking:

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Since no complains have arisen so far, I would dare to say: No balance patch.

Either some minor bug fixes or nothing game-facing. Maybe something net-work related?


Additional logging for some of the more prevelant yet equally evasive crashes.


Do we have a date for the other paid cosmetic skins? Will they be released soon? Because there have only been 5 careers that have access to premium skins, out of 15. (I do not count premium careers)

And will there be a BBB this summer? And the next career for Victor will come out well this year? Like the engineer in November?

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And will there be a BBB this summer? And the next career for Victor will come out well this year? Like the engineer in November?

That’s a lot of questions with little to offer. Khajit requires coin, if it is answers you seek.


Can they be nerfed any further? Getting resurrected by bots has become an achievement worth of the original Targetting array text. Even getting them to follow you sometimes seem a feat.

We have a date internally, but not yet ready for sharing.

I don’t believe so, sorry to say. But there may be plans to have another kind of beta whilst most (but not all) the Sharks are out of the tank for the summer holidays. No promises though. I’ll chase this up.



Thank you for your answers Master Hedge, look forward to continuing my adventures on your games (Despite the small spike concerning bots.)

And I may be too impatient but, having done 100% of the challenges of the game, I can’t wait to see the new career of Victor, who is my main character (Lv 564)

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Another beta which has nothing to do with balance?

Like … the Drachenfels beta? There was one, right?

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Let’s not jump to such hasty conclusions …

New missions? New story? New faction? Necromancer Lord + Undead ?! TAKE MY MONEY!

(I’m kidding ^^) But that would be really cool… But considering that Chaos Wastes is very recent, in addition with a new career. I highly doubt, unfortunately.

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Or may it be Darktide Beta, hmm? Considering it’s release in 2021, it seems plausible.

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Hm, possible. Although not sure that they would mention it here. But in this vain, maybe it is Versus? If only a community manager would give us a hint


Has there been a 350mb update today? What’s good in it?

Collector’s Edition - Updated June 23rd

Hey folks!

Today we set live an update to the Collector’s Edition, specifically the Soundtrack portion, which now includes the Original Soundtrack found in the Chaos Wastes update!

Happy listening!


Ok since all this necroposting started I feel strongly that the new Sienna career will be a necromancer in the end…