Please just let us have a pause button. Make it a vote pause or allow players can override it or put some limit on it (like a cooldown). I know that there’s ways that people can grief - but griefers are going to grief however they can, and there’s already way worse ways.

Maps often run 20-30 minutes, especially on higher difficulties. Sometimes your dogs or your kids cause a ruckus, or someone comes to the door or you just really find you have to pee.

Just add a pause button. Do it for the puppies.


Why, are you holding the puppies hostage ?

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I like to think of them as insurance.

But with a pause button we can make sure they get the attention and pats they need!


Agree 100%. The lack of a proper pause was the one thing that really put me off of Vermintide. I like to play these games solo, and when there are no other players, there’s no reason why the only human shouldn’t be able to pause. I don’t care what the game is “supposed” to be. I play it as a solo game, and a pause button for solo is such an easy thing that there’s really no excuse.


It is a co-op online game with a predictable game time
theres the focus on and there it should be
Unforseen things happen, you have to quit a match once in a while - it’s not like you are playing overwatch ranked

Sorry for beeing blunt but a pause button is not needed and it would probably annoy the chaos out of me having people randomly trying to pause every few matches

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I think this pause/idle button is a good option. Player can switch to bot mode like l4d game. If other players don’t like this they can vote to kick player. Leaving from party is not a good option just for 1 minute.


Pause mode: heck no
swap for bot: yea that could work, i wouldnt mind.

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It’s so bizarre to me that people are so against a basic quality of life feature that has existed in games since 1976. If you’re worried about being griefed by it then just make it so one person pressing pause asks others, and they have to press pause as well to actually cause anything. Maybe disallow it during active combat, even.

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It is a game with a quck gameflow and matches that each last around 30 minutes
if you know that within the next 30 minutes you have to leave for more then a few moments dont start a match
if something happens just write and the others will wait a moment or you leave
but if you suddenly get paused in a game like this it only interrupts the gameflow and annoys everybody else in the match

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Since a lot of people do want it, clearly there’s a desire for it. This is just literally one of the most basic quality of life features in gaming. If you don’t want to use it, you don’t have to. You can just ignore people asking for a pause, if it existed. So opposition to this is just opposing something that doesn’t affect you in the slightest.

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Jesus christ DOTA 2 has a pause
Sometimes you got to take a unexpected dump
Sometimes you have to open the door
Sometimes pizza arrives 25 mins early for some reason
Sometimes you have a FULL squad on discord and NONE of them mind you pausing but you cant WHICH can easily result in some needlesly lost HP or even wipes
Basic fockin functions arent a QoL they are a necessity and if you think it can be abused, this was solved ATLEAST 19 years ago in Warcraft 3 pausing system(and possibly before but this I remeber)

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I like the quality of life update, but I also enjoy the fear of knowing you are never safe. Was there a pause in left4dead? I honestly do not know…

Maybe a good middle ground is pause for private matches. Allowing players the option there. But then that raises the question, why not allow it for public ?

Public Pausing can be similar to Vote to Kick. Once the game is pause, Vote to RESUME can be initiated.

Disable pause on harder difficulties. (Legend and Cata)

In Left 4 Dead, the maps loaded pretty much into the next smoothly, but they also had safe spots where players could take those breaks. Vermintide has kinda had some, typically in events before you trigger the start but after horde timers/specials get disabled, but such moments have been getting removed in the interest of a more fun pace. Overall, it’s good for the game, but it makes it harder and harder to take a moment.

I have a friend I’ve been trying to play with on Xbox, but even after his kids go to bed, one will often have an issue, and he’ll just have to stop wherever we are, while I protect him against hordes. It can work, but it’s not fun for either of us. We’ve had to just give up because it just becomes too difficult. We don’t know if he’s going to have to step away for one minute or forty-five. Life just isn’t super neat, and since we have a narrow window in which to play already, we’re loathe to just stop.

And, as per my original reason, sometimes you just have to take a minute to go to the bathroom.

A lot of other games do allow you to pause, and my friend and I find those much easier to play. This isn’t, after all, versus. It’s PvE. I mean, hell, there’s a MOD that allows a pause and you’ll see high-end players using it, largely for taking a moment to get disconnected players back in the game - which is another legit use, IMO.

vermintide 2 has a mod that allows you to pause so just wiat for a darktide one
pause would ruin the standard gameplay loop which is why i think it should be puerly a mod

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