Pause the game while playing alone.

Just wondering if you guys will put in an pause option when playing singleplayer. I play alot solo with bots when my friends are not online to play and i find it a Little annoying that you can’t take like a Quick break when you have to go to toilet fast or help someone out. i love the game still and keep going making good content! :smiley:

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There’s a true solo mod that allows you to do that and more, in the modded realm. You may be able to use with bots, i suppose.

I would love this as well, being able to pause when playing a private solo game with bots. Would make it possible to play VT2 in situations where it’s not possible now. Like when waiting for an important call, or a pizza delivery, or something…

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I saw a game recently implement this was really nice to see all the models in high detail during battle without having to fight why not in multiplayer… wheres the harm in pausing the game if the host disconnects or if all players want… all type pause only needs one player to type unpause incase of trolls

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