Private Games (Remove Two Player Requirement)

We don’t have solo mode yet, we don’t know when it will be implemented.

Until then, how about removing the requirement for a second player in order to create Private Games?

Yes, the bots we have right now are not the best, however, it would at the very least allow players to perform relatively hassle free solo runs and/or not rely on randoms in order to perform specific tasks (penances, etc…). People are already doing this by circumventing the systems ingame, there is literally zero reason not to remove the requirement.

More player choice is always better than less player choice.
Food for thought.


I’m 100% sure they’re doing it because they’re renting servers and paying for scaling performance, so they save a ton of money on it by locking out single players.


I’d love this… Gives me a nice way to farm materials and test stuff out without pissing live people off.

100% support this…


Now, i must admit I dont code games for a living. I do however, code and work with applications sometimes in my downtime.

I’d imagine that it would be possible for the devs to allow someone to play solo whilst online. However that might backfire as there would be a minority of people who would go offline and begin to create malicious mods using some of the infrastructure the devs have made (and use) for online play.
I’d imagine the devs realise this and wish they could make a solo mode for solitary players but it would be too labor intensive for what they would get in return.

Despite what i’ve said, I do believe that it might be a feature we get once the devs are ready to implement it, without compromising the online servers’ they already use (with people creating and distributing malicious modifications of darktide)

I would not doubt if we are sharing the VT2 servers and there afraid of having too many solo games mucking the whole thing up.

VT2 has no gameplay servers as far as I know, it’s peer-to-peer.