Please make vermintide 2 an online multiplayer game

Good morning to the Fatshark development team. I’ve played the first Vermintide and loved it. I thought the game was great, ran well, and had cool concepts but the thing that drove a few people away (including myself) was the lack of a multiplayer option. I think you guys have a solid idea and if you were to make an online feature similar to the L4D2 model, your player base would drastically increase. Personally, I think including a multiplayer feature where it’s two teams (4v4 or 5v5) go against each other to see how far people can progress to the end. One team plays the survivors and the others play as the vermin.

I’m aware that my description is completely identical to the L4D2 model and copying it completely could have some legal issues, but I think that example is still useful in demonstrating a good multiplayer system (and if necessary you guys could easily change a few things to avoid legal issues) . To me the multiplayer feature will make this game explode and give you a good player base to work with.

One last thing, I’m aware that creating an online multiplayer feature will take a lot of time, and will require many resources to achieve it. I think it is worth investing in because it will allow the Vermintide franchise to grow with every game you develop in the future, and it will keep players interested in your game.


"Dear Fatshark,

Please make a completely new game.


-This Guy"


I like new ideas and suggestions, but the game is a week old and people are asking for things that will take months to develop right out of the gates. New weapons, classes, maps, modes, skins, balances, abilities, talents etc etc etc. It’s like, THIS is the game, there will be minor changes and tweaks over the time to come and some additions will be made. But holy Sigmar! HOLD ON TO YER TEATS! Wait a little, you are asking for quite a lot!

As for the topic at hand, I don’t believe PvP would translate well in this game.


I don’t think asking for PvP is too much, I am more than willing to wait for a feature like this too as long as I knew it was going to happen. My suggestion wasn’t necessarily “do it now” I just was providing a suggestion to what the franchise could capitalize on. I’m not sure about you but I think this game is already like L4D2 but with rats. Which isn’t a bad thing, I actually enjoy it for that reason. L4D2 was made 10 years ago an there isn’t another game like it. During its release it had a really high player base and revenue. I just think that the developers are missing an opportunity here with generating a consistent player base as well as revenue.

Since we obviously disagree with PvP, may I ask why you think it is a bad suggestion?

I don’t think the game would translate well into PvP, but more than that I do enjoy myself a good co-op. There are extremly few good co-ops out there, for them to spend time and effort to convert this into a PvP game would be time and resources wasted. That’s not saying it couldn’t be a success. I was wrong about Fortnite going into PvP, but PvE did suffer a bit for it before I left even though they wouldn’t admit it. In the end it will be up to FS, I’m sure they’ve already gone through this debate in their office more than once and decided no to it.

No. Its a PvE game. Keep it that way.

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