Patch Notes - Version 4.1.1

When I was messing with this bug I used throwing axes a lot and I found it made them a lot more competitive and fun

I think throwing axes base speed should be buffed


The Targeting Array Challenge went from hard to downright shitty. It’s infuriating getting that many hits in a row when so much RNG BS can happen.

Teammates snipe enemies I was aiming at, bombs going out, aggro changes, the pistol not being perfectly accurate. Even getting bumped by a team mate. And this is just for enemies that are standing still.

And frankly it’s not fair. Unless the challenge is revoked for everyone who’s already got it, then this is just mean.

If the challenge was get 6 consecutive headshots without reloading it’d be better.

Has anyone at Fatshark actually accomplished this feat?

Litteraly everyone I know just cheesed it.


2 months between patches for… this. I mean there’s some nice stuff in here (some of it so far beyond overdue it’s not funny), but to top it off we’re 2/3 into the promised Winter and not a damn word of substance on Chaos Wastes.

That second BBB still happening? Any time scale on that you can give us whatsoever?

Hope this promised next patch is substantial enough to offset this one.


This patch note should have been announced at Patch 4.0. Because after patch 4.0, this change already has happened. Here’s video evidence which I recorded after changes in event of Dark Omen.

This is description in the video above.

  1. Before WoM Season 4(Patch 4.0), there are only 6 flags at the last event of Dark Omens in Cataclysm. 3 Standard Bearers(Wargor) were spawned before Minotaur, and the rest(3 Standard Bearers) were spawned after Minotaur.

  2. However, after WoM Season 4 (Patch 4.0), there are 9 flags the last event of Dark Omens in Cataclysm. 3 Standard Bearers(Wargor) were spawned before Minotaur, and 2 Standard Bearers were spawned just before Minotaur. And the rest(4 Standard Bearers) were spawned after Minotaur.

Developers, if you change any spawns or something at event area of any maps, please announce it at right time for letting us know it. Sometimes, this kind of Stealth Patch makes us confused and annoyed.


Another BBB in the surrounding area of Chaos Wastes would be overkill. Personally, I could live very well with it being somewhere in summer again.

While I want some balance changes - some far earlier than later - I think that CW will keep the community and developers busy enough for a while.

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Hotfix 4.1.1

  • Fixed a crash that happened when a peer started a mission vote while a shop popup was open.
  • Reverted experience refactoring for prestige levels.
  • It’s once again possible to cancel host migration.

Nice, pretty fast hotfix with a couple important fixes.

What if I think that it comes this week?

Could I ask why it was changed in the first place?

Maybe it was purely to gather more information about how host migration worked with the new networking? Sorta just curious if this is going to come back randomly again

Yeah, nothing like being forced to wait 3 mins for a loading screen. Who ok’d this?

And when will it be finally possible not to have to cancel it?

What exactly are you asking for? A setting that always prevents you from staying together with the people you just played with?

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In a certainly non-negligible amount of time that I spent in this game - and most of it QP - the only instance where my group has stayed together after this was on a few occasions (certainly fewer than 10) when I played with two of my friends. And even with friends there are reasons why some host and some don’t.

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