Patch #7

Oh uh mom says i’m special, and i don’t know how close you guys are trying to read all our threads and posts so here is my take about PS problem (basicaly change power sword patterns to be more like those ones shovel has)

What about flamer - new (lower) tank capacity means you need to reload more often and rotate with your teammates while doing this, but… the problem is that it doesn’t realy force you to go melee with melee class that zealot preacher is supposed to be, i mean sometimes it does, but not rly.

If you take flamer you are playing as a flamer-guy, not like it’s a bad thing itself, but maybe there should be some Pyromaniac subcluss for this then? Anyway ammo capacity balance will not change anything. People will not shoot less, but will grab more ammo. Nerfing damage against high threat melee targets probably will help, i think. But more casual auditory and lore maximalists will not like it. So it’s either better to rise elite enemy fire resist for higher difficulties only (if it possible to do such surgical balance changes ) or either there should be some system that force zealot to play melee also, not only flamer.

I also have a feeling that flamer problem could be that damage modifier isn’t the actual main damage stat, but it’s a burning. Applying burn stacks with infinite cleave by spraying, instead of damaging things with fire conus - it is possibly what makes flamer so OP at controling the whole arena.

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