Patch #4 - Blessings of the Omnissiah

made this with the patch and i don’t even like eviserators. prolly won’t even see play. before the patch i had something like 8 total T4 blessings and 0 of them on items of 330 or higher, in one day of the new system it output this:

Good for you. I have approx 0 T4 blessings at 350+ hrs of play. The system is pure trash, and they have not negated the RNG in the slightest. They’ve in fact added a third lottery shop, and also made Melk missions into a lottery where you have to pay dockets to scroll through the tiered missions to find the mission at the tier you want.

They have not only doubled down on RNG, they have tripled down on it.


i genuinely don’t understand why some people tend to centre “it has random outcomes” - that’s not relevant, the relevance is the odds of any given outcome. nothing else matters, the specific mechanism is irrelevant the outcomes matter. i would have told you yesterday that the odds of two T4 occurring on a 380 were low enough to not bother pursuing. i have told people that one T4 wasn’t worth pursuing, because it wasn’t.

discounting milk i think i’ve gotten more T4s in the last day than I’ve gotten from crafting and emperor’s gifts literally ever.

or, this bad boy, another interesting example:

now here i didn’t roll great on my blessings, two T2s, bad outcome. but this is still better than every lasgun i’ve ever found (by a lot!) and i can apply the rng mitigations i have available to clean it up, make it a T4/T2 with blessings and almost certainly T4/T4 perks.

these are not common outcomes at all, but i am not kidding when i say they (and a bunch more!) have happened in less than one full day.

I love it when the upgrade system bricks a 380 weapon that took ages to get because it rolled limb splitter, a near useless perk for my play style, and a goddamn tier 2 perk.

I basically just watched this weapon get progressively worse the more materials i put into it, which is a pretty badly designed mechanic.

Did the devs increase the chance of getting tier 2 perks or something? i seem to be getting more of these than usual, its goddamn atrocious.


Brick? you did not try to make it orange… if you get something viable as second blessing you can replace the Limbsplitter. I should not even have to remind you what has bring us this patch.

But I suppose that even if you had found the perfect weapon, you would say that the system is bad cause you have no guarantee to get the same output…

Here my axe before rebless and refining

All or nothing was the blessing I have got at first. For me Limbsplitter is better than this one as I always run with 0 stamina.
And check the too great perk I have got also.

But true, you can get something bad, something that you don’t want, as second perk. That’s how the system works. However, if you repeat that several times, at one moment you will get something you want. That called “odds”.
also, it doesn’t take age now… to make a weapon from grey to orange it is 3 damnation games.

to talk about the expected return of the system, i literally not figuratively finished my post here, alt tabbed over and in a minute and a half made this:

now this is cherry picking. in any of the outcomes where i roll badly on the store, or on the consecreates, i wouldn’t upload this video. but these are extremely common outcomes now, at least once the player has a good blessings inventory. the only scarce things, from observation, seems to be ordos and 370s of the specific item you want, which will cost you ballpark about 2-300k, more if you’re unlucky.

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I mean I’m holding my judgement till I get more playtime in on the new update but I stated that it really wouldn’t fix the rng in a way that people find satisfying only move it around.

Now the rng has shifted from finding the right weapon to finding a stat block worth perusing or finding a blessing (which to their credit I have been seeing more T3s / T4s) which as I kind of predicted people wouldn’t exactly be grateful or happy about since it doesn’t solve the base problems people have with how they interact with the system.

Build agency is kind of there but you can still wreck a weapon while levelling it up which feels bad when you already put the resources in with no return (hence why I still think we need a recycle function that gives back aprox 50% of the resources that usually go into going for each tier) and need to deal with some truly awful blessing pools on some gear.


You’re right… you can break a weapon. However, the resources needed to craft one weapon from grey to orange can be found in 2 hours (and if you take time, with a pause between each game)

For ordos it is more time to get something good as you usually needs 100k to get a weapon with good stats (estimation totally random, but as I have found 9-12 weapons 365+ with 500k…)
The problem will be ordos.

But let’s be honest. To be able to craft a lot, you have to play missions and collect plasteel everywhere and also do secondary objectives (scripts, grimoire). Off course, a good difficulty can help a lot (with special condition this can boost ordos you get as stated in the patch notes).
Actually, I take the risk in damnation to visit every room and check every chest to get as much resources I can. But what I see is people that want to finish missions as quick as they can (they tend to pass in front of a chest without even trying to check it, but now 90% of the chests have plasteel / diamantine).

I don’t have a good blessings inventory even after 450 hours. You’re just still talking about luck in a system that still doesn’t have any proper RNG mitigation. Everything they’ve put in so far looks like mitigation but what mitigation still relies on its own layers of RNG?


I am honestly not going to gamble away more resources in an attempt to MAYBE roll a blessing thats going to make this weapon “passable”, and its not the fact that its not “perfect” as you say, i am more annoyed that i keep having to deal with a system that has so many layers of RNG designed to waste time and resources.

If you have an upgrade system that has a chance to basically do nothing for the weapon that you are upgrading or in other situation actually make the weapon worse than what it was during its non upgraded version (looking at you limbsplitter), then there is something wrong with that upgrade system and how certain blessings work.

I really just want to experiment with character builds, weapon builds and how they interact with each other, this system, its RNG and its locking of blessings and perks really kills that.


I don’t understand what you mean… in my example, my axe had all or nothing.
I replaced it by Thrust. I could have used headtaker but I wanted an axe that can kill a crusher easily, that’s why I took Thrust. Also this blessing permits to kill all specials easily.
But, replacing it has given me a great weapon.

You said that you don’t need a perfect weapon… ok… you don’t want to try the game. That’s your right. But what now?
This is the system used in the game. So, if you absolutely don’t want to even try it… then maybe you need an other game. If you wait 3 years, DT will get similar outcome as VT2. But until that… I guess you won’t be happy.

100k? I spent close to 2 million yestarday and got total of 8 bases that were over 360, 2 of them rolled damage stats under 30%.
On reddit someone did 300 item purchase and his averages were in the 332 range.

You really have some insane luck if you are getting consistently over 365+ bases with such a low investment.


You can keep making these straw men arguments, you can keep moving the goalposts, you can keep cherry picking things to suit your argument, but thats not going to change my dislike for this system, so give it a rest.

If you are happy with the system, thats fine, that is your privilege.
I on the other hand, enjoy the game play itself, but have no love for most of the support systems surrounding the game play and will continue asking for changes to make the systems less tedious to deal with.



That’s even lower than anything that’s ever generated in the shop in my whole time as level 30.

In what world is this “improving” the ability to acquire items if the pool has WORSENED from normal shop generation?


Yeah i also got plenty of weapons that were under 300. Think my lowest rolled like 281.

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You just suck at RNG, gitgud scrub!!!


2 millions and 8 bases 360+? you must have killed one dev…

No seriously, I started with 1 million. And I have tried several weapons. I don’t try always to craft high modifiers weapons as I search only several values and I would prefer one item that has these values over an other one with great modifier rate but not the value(s) I want.
But, I have found 9 weapons, at least that were more than 360 (and I am pretty sure that it is more than that).
I am not alone as you can see here and here.

And I said it before here.

IT’S RNG. You’re just bragging about your good luck. That’s not how luck works, Not everyone is going to see the same results as you, and that’s one of the contentious points about pure RNG systems.


There’s also odds.
That’s statistic.