Patch 3.4.2


Welcome to patch 3.4.2 on PC.

This update brings you some fixes to issues that were introduced in patch 3.4 as well as some additional tweaks.

  • Bots should now step out of the line of fire when Outcast Engineer readies his Crank Gun.
  • Bots should now drop Grimoires if instructed to.
  • It should once again be possible to pass off an incendiary bomb with ‘E’.
  • When using console HUD and swapping between KBM and controller, weapon prompts should no longer be visible.
  • Tweaked the size of the ability bar fill texture a bit for the gamepad HUD.
  • Fix the “spark” VFX getting stuck in view if swapping weapon from the Crank Gun whilst cranking it.
  • Bardin’s wonderful beard should no longer freak out at sub 30 FPS.
  • Fixed for Weaves with multiple objectives not activating next objective once the first one is completed.
  • Fixed a softlock on Weave 7.
  • “Stout Heart, Steady Aim” challenge can now be completed if Bardin uses the Alt-Fire to fulfill the criteria.
  • Masterwork Pistol reload is now finished when the magazine is inserted into the weapon, and the animation will also scale properly with buffs.
  • Sound when inspecting the Masterwork Pistol now stops when you abort inspection.
  • Slayer Bardin’s pose with the Coghammer now more… characteristic.
  • Fixed an issue where Kerillian’s notched arrows could wig out when jumping about.
  • Fixed Outcast Engineer gloves in 1st person not matching the correct colours shown for the skin in inventory screen.
  • Fixed Outcast Engineer portrait frames disappearing after obtaining them and reloading the game.
  • Fixed double “player is joining the game” message in chat.
  • Various misc. crash fixes.

Something the glorious elves don’t have to worry about. Silly dawi…

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Am I the only one having issues with chat wheel and telling bots to pick stuff up? I can’t seem to do it as host or client but everyone else I’ve played with can.

Alt. does anyone know if a specific mod is causing the issue? I can’t seem to figure it out.

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rebind the combined Social/Command wheel to the binding you wish to use, temporarily, whilst we work on the fix for the dedicated binding which seems to have broken in 3.4.


Does this fix the random crash to desktops with no error message? Error log showing something to do with stingray?

Is this a 4GB patch, or what in Khaine’s name am I downloading?

That worked, thanks. And just to clarify, I had different binds and rebound it to a combined “tag/social wheel”.

Edit: Then I rebound it and it was working still working properly.

It’s very big, for your downloading pleasure.


Do you think the missing patch notes from OE release will make it in to the next patch (presumably Season 4), stuff like host migration and other changes

Empire Longbowwwwww


3.4 really seems to have broken a lot of things.
Like the abort migration button.
One wonders what new mechanics required such widesweeping changes in the code that cost such damage.


Clarification on that would be awesome

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see this patch, but wwhhhyyyyyy would you only fix this specifically for Engineer? Literally every class would really benefit from having bots not stand on top of the player/dancing in their reticle.

Please please please extend this to all careers


Maybe, But I heard Kerillian is growing one to cover her scars…

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Can bots maybe do something beside tunnel monsters and fight horde instead if they don’t have it’s aggro?


For that matter could they be convinced to disengage and move with you rather than stay exactly wherever they engaged the boss? Having them absolutely refuse to reposition when a boss is around is such an unfair run ender.

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Welp can confirm bots definitely get out the way of the crank gun. Just tried Into the Nest and they were so eager to get out the way they jumped off every cliff available as soon as I started to even aim the thing.

Should I post this as a bug? Don’t have any screenshots or recordings but yeah unfortunately they definitely seem to be prioritising getting out of your way over not jumping off cliffs at the moment.


Sounds just like bot behaviour when there’s a Ratling around to me :^)