Patch #11

As others have said, after the often chaotic process of clearing the infestation, the poxwalker-heavy fight at the end is a bit anticlimactic.

Since the meta tactic is to get to the doors and hold them until they open, I’d like to see the space around that door, as well as the 3 paths leading to it, given some cover and obstruction so that:

  1. Sightlines down the paths are obstructed, preventing us from shredding the incoming waves at range before they can get close; and
  2. Ranged enemies and specials can be included in the fight.

Simpler ways to make it more exciting might be to significantly increase the number of maulers and ragers that come with the hordes.

Alternatively, we might be given some reason not to use that spot at all. For example, that button in the centre of the arena that’s used to activate the smelters might be turned into one of those terminals that “breaks” and has to be periodically reactivated (no idea what they’re called), forcing us to fight there and move to the doors only when they’re about to open.

Before the patch, one way to deal with bulwarks was to bait them into swinging at you, then using that moment to shoot them a bunch while their shield wasn’t protecting them.

Since the patch that no longer works. Instead, if you shoot them while their block is open, they just instantly reset their block.

Is this intentional? There’s nothing in the patch notes about it.

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Do my eyes deceive me or is the “merge strike team” button back at the end of the mission?


Just to be sure, are FS running outsorce development during summer vacation season? That would’ve explain quality of the latest patch.


Like I’ve already said, they’ve probably got junior devs/interns adjusting some stuff via spreadsheet for most of it while the rest of the team works frantically on porting to Xbox.


Brain Burst has reverted to release levels of damage (code versioning?) and horde numbers have been reduced (probably some values from the new modifier copied into places it shouldn’t have)


lol people wondering why some buff were changed.

When has fatshark ever put the value of entertainment for the audience first?

Patch broke the game, many people a experiencing error 2014 disconnects and get booted out of the game without the option to reconnect…

That’s just their usual standard of quality assurance. It was just as worse during Vermintide.

They simply are that incompetent.

On this note: Anyone noticed that the bots no longer wear prison garbs?
(I don’t remember downloading such mod but I’m running a few so it might be that)

Yep - step up in immersion in my book.

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What did you expect, asking for nerfs though?

I could have predicted this from a mile away. It’s always the same. But the community doesn’t seem to learn.

Ask for nerfs → Fatshark nerfs → But wait, now it’s nerfed!

It’s VT2 all over again. The viable builds will be nerfed before time and then people will complain about it, despite having asked for said nerfs. shrug
Someone clue me in what I’m missing here.


Erm. Did I?
Dont remember asking for any Ogryn nerf. I’ll check my entire post history. I think maybe the flamer back in winter maybe, but I don’t think I’ve asked for anything since?


I get why you’ve posted, but I think if anything I would personally ask for balance. I’m OK with compromise but it’s better when players can understand why. Having a stacking buff that requires 50-60 rounds non stop is bonkers, and alludes to a team who aren’t playing their own game?

Nothing about any of the systems they’ve put in alludes to any of them playing the game… AS A NORMAL PERSON WOULD.

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But… Blaze Away on the stubber was not nerfed? It’s inability to stack to 5 by itself was an acknowledged bug (Blessing procs too slow - #15 by deusvult6). Someone put up a video of the Gorgonum requiring 25 bullets per stack.

On other weapons, the normalisation might be a nerf, but the stubbers? I don’t see how it could be a nerf.


When will you get around to releasing it for console? When this was released for PC it was advertised saying Console would be first half of 2023, we’ve only just started the 2nd half and any plans for console have gone quiet! So this “Crossplay” can hardly be called that when it’s just between Steam and Microsoft PC users (crossplay between 2 different PC accounts).

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Slowing the maps down to 40 min from 30 mins def does not make me want to play this game more it actually makes me want to uninstall. One map taking up that much time is just ridiculous. Kill the self healing on the Chaos spawn there is zero reason for a party of 4 level 30 players on MALICE to take 10 frigging minutes just to kill that monster. 2 ogryns 2 soldiers and 10 mins later the damn thing was still alive. What on earth?? Don’t get me wrong it’s a cool monster an all but the self heal is over the top if anyone goes down you may as well start from the top.


When I see a Chaos Spawn, I proverbially **** in my pants. I like that.

Well there’s one.

When I have met, first time, the CS… it was a bloody bath.
Now… that’s ok.

Pest Ogryn hates to be hit by melee… CS hates ranged weapons. Just don’t stay near this thing and exploit the location. Use walls, jump, go behind boxes etc. But don’t stay close to it.
Revive players that would fall when the CS is busy chasing one player.
Use your ranged weapon and, again, stay at distance.
Alone, the CS is easy to kill. Problem, at heresy+ (and especially in high int damnation) this monster doesn’t appear alone…