[Passives/Weapon Special] All Classes!

Filling in the passives, for fun. Was focusing on adding weapon special usage to certain classes at first and just kept going with normal passives. Super potential of power creep so take with many grains of salt and not fully implement all without reducing elsewhere ect…

Markus Kruber


Call out Weakness – 5% Crit Aura

Mercenary already has more crit based kit with his other passive and support based, might as well expand both roles with a Crit Aura.


Replace Call Out Weakness Aura with new passive Hunter’s Equipment - Weapon special toggles range weapon to an alternate shooting style. (weapon styles better suited to acquiring headshots)

Rifle - Loaded for Two - shoots 2 rounds at once, aim has less zoom

Repeater - Scope - right click zooms instead of rapid fire when toggled.

Blunderbuss - Funnel Tipped - shoots narrow concentrated burst, zooms on right click penetrates armor more.

Bow - Hunters Form - toggle to slower/or no zoom, like original hunter bow style.

Huntsman, has some very strong features but not very unique, adding this weapon special will give him a very unique play style as well as enhancing his headshot niche for all his weapons.


No Guts, No Glory – 15% Damage Reduction

Knight’s Haste - 5% Increased Attack Speed

FootKnight, just numbers tweak to compete with other tanks & his own careers.

Bardin Goreksson

Ranger Veteran:

Ingenious Improvisations – Consumables have double the damage/effect every 10 seconds. (Includes ranged shots)

Ranger Veteran, modification of current un-interesting trait into something reliable and unique without being too powerful (double range damage is still less than gauranted crit)


Slayer’s Fury - Weapon Special toggles charge attack to continuously repeat light attack as fast as possible.

Slayer, Has the biggest potential for attack speed boosts having a weapon special to match would just save many mice and fingers from damage.

Iron Breaker


His passives are full and he is Okri’s Chosen



Astral Visage – Weapon Special Toggles to advance zoom, removes need to zoom then zoom again.Could add a none zoom to rotation for close range charge attacks and some UI to keep track

Waystalker, a toggle zoom will allow more preparation for aiming without having to do it mid aim, saves time and rewards planned behavior.


Aerial Bension – Handmaiden can revive allies in half the time.

Ellegant Armor – Reduce damage taken by 10%

Handmaiden, Already strong role just changing AB to doable feature apparently its been broken forever and reduced damage to give her a passive tankyness beyond her extra hp.


Un-Lumber Foot – Increase Shade’s movement by 10%

Poison Blades – Critical strikes cause poison damage.

Shade, Already strong Hero, just filling her slots…phrasing! Speed increase as passive frees up spot for a newer interesting talent, poison blades synergizes well with non bleed weapons and tier 2 talent.

Victor Saltzpyre


Painful Zeal – Weapon Special Toggles to self inflicting attacks increasing attack speed, crit and power by 5% at the cost of ~10 health per successful swing. (Way to gain fiery faith stacks without encouraging bad play, numbers could be tweak to dropped completely)

Zealot, Way to gain fiery faith stacks without encouraging bad play, numbers/bonus could be tweaked to even dropped completely, may need to remove pistol on rapier for Zealot or BH/WHC only.

Witch Hunter Captain

Captain’s Pistol – Weapon Special Toggles current weapon to single pistol able to fire, block and slightly zoom for high damage. (limited ammo, damage to be balanced, low stamina, Overrides Rapier pistol on WHC)

WHC, allows better usage of Rapiers Pistol idea as well as not limiting WHC to rapier and just gives him an extra tool to hit kit, not tremendously needed just unique to define the class more.

Bounty Hunter


His passives are full and he is perfect in Sigmar’s Light!

Sienna Fuegonasus

Battle Wizard

Burning Surge – Increase Damage by 5% (hybrid not pure range specialist of character)

Reckless Haste – Low Overcharge increase spell charge by up to 30%

Reckless Heat – High Overcharge reduces Tranquility cooldown by up to 2 seconds.

Battle Wizard, Tweaks to stats, unique rewards for different overcharge levels more possibilities. These specific number or even stat could definitely be different just trying not to tread on other careers own overcharge buffs.


Red Eyes – Weapon Special Toggle zooms/unzooms ranged weapons for enhanced aim/vision.

Cautious Flames – Overheat generation reduced by ~25% (most range specialist have higher ammo pools since sienna is unique should have higher resistance to overheat)

Pyromancer, New Zoom for ranged class, un-zoom for beam staff to give more melee awareness. New Toggle, so you can plan your shots better. Overheat generation less for range career, overheat pool similar to ammo buffs.


Lava Pools – Increase overheat maximum by 25%, Doubles Overheat generation by ranged attacks.

Unchained, Increases damage potential to pre WoM talent change while also making it easier to gain overheat and weaken her range role.


No response =/ maybe too much, got a few loves I’ll leave it at that if nothing else.

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It’s a little too much of a theoretical game to play for me, I can speak on Elf though.

The WS and HM ones are good.

HM passives would synergize well with her others and she’s also the only Career I actually play 30% Revive Speed on in the first place (with Spear and Shield, because you don’t need Ult and get all of your other stats from the build).

Unfortunately the passive for WS reflects how boring her mechanics are, it should also be able to save the setting you’ve chosen, as most of my shots are done in about 1-2 seconds, so I wouldn’t bother changing zoom.

I’d love to see ranged kills = move speed, so you can quickly get Bloodshot up and have nice synergy that way. Unfortunately the Speed move on Special kill Talent is on a row I wouldn’t sacrifice 20% CDR for.

Shade however, gets too many passives as it is imo. Playing the headshot Talent with SnD needs to be nerfed before they even consider adding anything new to her.

I also had a thread completely ignored, which I think suggested very good changes to improve weapons on Cata. I guess people are happy with meta stuff.

As far as the WS Zoom having the weapon special as a toggle could be used before zooming like when you know your aiming for a super distant blight stormer and switched back when the situation gets close…heck could add another no-zoom to the loop if you just wanted a charge shot in close range… just better control for zooms for the range class.

HM buff was just to bypass the affect there trying to have since i hear its been broken forever and to give her some defensive passive beyond more hp and active abilities.

Just filled up Shade because despite her unique skill and talents she has the fewest passives along with a few other heroes.

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Yeah, I see the need for it for those select situations, not sure it would be useful with her other bows though. I’d honestly prefer to see this as an option rather than as a Special Attack button. We may eventually see other weapons gain Special Attacks.

Yeah, hers were the best suggestions you made. Even seeing the 10% Damage Reduction is indicative of her role. I wish I could run the 30% Revive on other Careers too tbh. It’s quite fast, so you can even stop deaths of people getting wombo combo’d.

For WS Zoom, Just using the special attack key as its already implemented but as a toggle usable and staying locked in before drawing a shot. Added commentary, could be used with some fore sight to set up a distance shots or even a close range shots if put into 3 different zooms(including a no zoom setting).

In general added more commentary / explanations.

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Auras need to have longer reach first because as of now their range is very short.