Passive bug

Hello there fatshark this is important bug and it make the game easier for all players and it happens if the players knows about it or not
the bug is the hero’s passives like Footknight, handmaiden, or huntsman those passives can spread to nearby hero’s right but the problem and the bug here is for example i play like elf or dwarf or wizard or saltzpyre one of them and i have a bot footknight standing near me if player join my game i keep footknight passive 20%dmg reduction but the player must choose another hero diffirent from footknight if he choose footknight the game is normal i only get his passive if i stand close to him but if he choose another hero like mercenary or huntsman or any other characters i got his passive all the way even if i separated too far from the group map wide same thing with handmaiden stamina recovery and huntsman crit chance and i can get all of them ofc so this bug happens too much even if ppl not know about it because when someone play footknight for example in public match and leave and then the footknight changed to a bot , a bot that hosts chose it before so he changed to elf or any other hero that is not footkight i’m sorry for the long talk but this is how i can explain in english and maybe i can make it shorter :slight_smile: thank you

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Thanks for the one comma, but you might want to consider further formatting.

I tried reading your post but gave up half ways. :man_shrugging:

What he means: The FK HS, or HM aura bonus is permanent when a bot that had it gets switched out for a player with another class, while the bot was affecting you. It only properly goes away if the bot gets switched out for a player with the same class and goes out of range, but otherwise the effect (like damage reduction or stamina regeneration) stays on for the rest of the run.

put someone understands my language and i will explain better sorry my english is not my language but if you understood my bug report then it’s all good i must say and i said ( sorry for the long talk but this is how i can explain in english ) thank you :slight_smile:

Does this bug only apply to those careers? What about passives or talents of other careers, like Waystalker’s Rejuvenation Focus (health regen passive will affect all of the team) or WHC’s ‘tagged enemies take additional damage’ passive?

yes only those , only the passives that’s appears on you’r screen
huntsman crit chance
handmaiden stamina recovery
and the glorious damage reduction from footknight

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