Overcharge animation doesn't play on Unchained with the Crowbill

Issue Summary:
Getting hit while wielding the crowbill doesn’t trigger the overcharge animation. It still causes you to slow down and be unable to attack or block, but that’s it.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Choose Unchained
  2. Equip Crowbill
  3. Get hit while holding it until you overheat

Reproduction Rate (Choose One): Consistent (100%)

Clip I took of this happening: https://youtu.be/7BjjunDL5Us

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I thought it was just me xD

Also, when you stack 10% attack speed and swift slaying on the crowbill, it causes all kinds of sound errors. The sound for attacking doesn’t seem to be able to finish when attacking that fast and hitting multiple enemies. So they stack on top of each other and then there’s simply no sound at all from the weapon until you stop attacking.

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Hah, so that was a bug and not me, missing the fact of overcharge?

Lol I had feeling like something was missing, but in heat of battle cant relly get what was missing, not really a unchained player

Has been an issue with Crowbill since DLC launched.

I’ve had the same issue. The sound completely shuts off at times in the middle of the smackening

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