Over 2000 hours on PS4. Can I transfer my account to PC?

Hi! I’ve played this game quite a bit on playstation as you can see… And have recently upgraded to a PC and am starting again. A friend told me if I make a post here I might be able to get my account transferred? Honestly the character levels don’t bother me so much. I would just really like to get my Season 2 120 weave portrait etc. a few things I’m quite proud of. I may have got misinformation from my friend, which would be fine. But I thought I might as well ask anyway. Love this game and love this community <3
My PS4 account name is Wiildecat
My Steam name is Cat friend code is 47570469

Not likely. ):

Hey bud. Sadly it’s not possible to migrate save data between platforms. There’s enough differences between a PC profile, an Xbox profile and a PS4 profile for a copy / paste to be faulty, and the man-hours required to debug a profile on a case by case basis would be unsustainable.

Ah that’s a shame :frowning: it’s just that Weave Portrait I’ll be missing as I won’t be able to get that again. Im still more than happy to level everyone up again though

This is still very much the case, unfortunately. Sorry about this. :frowning:

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