Rebalancing progress on PC

Hi, i have just bought the game on PC, but i’ve been playing it on PS4 since 2019.

I read that it is actually not possible to transfer saves across the platforms but i would like to know if it is a good alternative to add progress to the PC version to not start from scratch again.

Of course i’m willing to provide all the information that you ask me to prove i’m the same person on both platforms.

Hi @Steph891,

That’s correct - it is not possible to transfer progress between platforms, due to the backend being set up differently for them.

Regrettably, modifying account data to add progress is not a service we can provide either. To manually alter account data to this level would require dedicated developer time, and we’re currently fully resourced with Vermintide 2 updates and Darktide.

Apologies for any disappointment!

At this point in the game’s life cycle would you consider turning on permanent double xp or similar? Tried to get a friend into the game recently and they were pretty turned off by how long they’d have to spend grinding trivial difficulties to get to the real meat of the game.


Or you know, put the whole progression system out of its misery at last. It has suffered long enough.

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Thank you for clarifying this aspect in particular to players (including me) who have no idea about efforts and resources required to accomplish certain tasks. I agree with the idea of alsozara though, double exp would be a great way to make grinding less painful for veterans who switched platforms and newcomers as well.

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