Profile Transfer PS4 to PC


Is it possible to have my profile tranfered from PS4 to PC? I own copies of V2 on both platforms but I’m looking to make the jump to PC from console. I have about 1600 hours on PS4 and would like to have my progress and inventory transferred over if possible. I’d love to see my cata frames and rewards from seasonal events reflected on PC. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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It is I, the bringer of bad news, and I have come to deliver this message from the world of Reddit.

Hey bud. Sadly it’s not possible to migrate save data between platforms. There’s enough differences between a PC profile, an Xbox profile and a PS4 profile for a copy / paste to be faulty, and the man-hours required to debug a profile on a case by case basis would be unsustainable.

Yeah man it’s kind of a pipe dream lol.

As above, regrettably we are unable to help with this. Sorry! :frowning:

It’s ok, thank you for the quick response

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