Outcast Engineer – Innovative Ammo Hoopers talent bug

The talent “Innovative Ammo Hoppers” should prevent the consumption of ultimate bar for 4 seconds after killing a special. Even though the buff is displayed on screen for 4 seconds, the actual effect lasts for about 13 seconds.

Video demonstration:

The bugs decided it was time to buff engineer like they did waystalker :sweat_smile:


I was wondering what was causing this, I had this talent with the killing a special gives 10% bar and I had so much infinite minigun I couldn’t even crank and keep my other pressure related buffs going.

although it’s a bug , engineer is still a rubbish :sweat_smile:

I respectfully disagree.

So, it was not my amagination that 4 seconds lasted much longer :smiley:
It is fun to use though :slight_smile:

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