Outcast Engineer Bot Weapon Switch (Gone Terribly Wrong)

I’d like to report an issue of Outcast Engineer bot’s rapid weapon switching.
He was equipped with regular minigun and trollhammer torpedo and constantly try to switch between them until troll showed up and forced him to go melee. After boss fight bot continued weapon switch.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have Outcast Engineer bot with trollhammer torpedo and minigun in your team.
  2. Play Enchanter’s Lair and get to the area with high stairs (maybe it can be reproduces on other maps, but I’ve seen it only here. Not that see a lot of engi bots to begin with).
  3. ???
  4. Watch the bot.

Here’s the video:


It does every time if he has a torpedo. Switching between ranged and F rapidly. So annoying.

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