Weapon switching sound bug

Sound bug when switching weapons in game.

I seem to get this bug only with thr Eviscerator. I got the sound of pulling out the eviscerator, even when pulling out my secondary or grenade. It seems to occur relatively quickly in every match.

Steps to Reproduce:
I get it every game, usually after swappong between melee and ranged a few times.

Happens every mission.


Player ID:
Mr. Mcaderson - Steam Community :: Mr. Mcaderson

Reproduction Rate:
Every game with eviscerator.

Approximate Time
11/23/2020 2:45 EST

Supporting Evidence

console log
console-2022-11-23-19.29.43-5ac4fc65-4cc8-4653-8c87-df48341edd33.log (214.2 KB)

Launcher Log
darktide_launcher.log (791.5 KB)

It’s after the 11/24 update and it’s still occurring.

At this point I’ve…

-Reset Windows 10 completely

  • Clean unistalled Darktide and reinstalled 3 times.

  • Checked all sound drivers

Upon further testing, I’ve found that the bug occurs with other weapons as well. The eviscerator is just more noticeable because it makes a louder noise.

I’ve had the bug occur with the chain axe alongside a revolver.

This isn’t occurring on my Skullbreaker or Psyker characters. Only my Zealot for some reason. I’ve tested it on several games with the Ogryn and a few on the Psyker.

It happens almost immediately on the Zealot though.

I made a 2nd Zealot. I don’t seem to have the glitch with this character.

She’s female, if that makes any difference.

The bug is unfortunately still occurring after the official 11/30 release.

You are lucky you don’t have these bug’s i got AMD g card and they said they think they fixed these issues but these were taken after launch so looks like still having pixalisation on weapons and environment regardless of settings (i’ve tried them all and no change)

Bug still occurring after the 12/2 patch.

I’ve test turning DLSS and AMD Fidelity on and off. It seems that the bug occurs more often with either of those turned on.

Dunno, my female zealot has the same thing going on. Pretty annoying at first but got used to it. Still hope it gets fixed soon.