Outcast Engineer, a modest proposal

I like the changes. Currently the Outcast Engineer is difficult to use to it’s fullest without high risk of getting surrounded or poked in the back. Unless your team babysits you, even the most generous build for personal protection and maneuverability is risky. Every time Outcast Engineer joins the team on Legend or Cata, they die several times, and blame the team, insisting that it’s a viable class.

The engineer is for real. No need to have a protective team. You just need to practice because it has a different gameplay.

It’s like WPoS. It has its gameplay.

The only thing I advise players is not to read the tutorials or copy the builds of the “streamers” etc … It is not because there is a good player with such a build that you are going be good with his build.

The only problem is that I like the “Bombardier” talent. My teammate knows this and gives me the bombs. Except that finishing a game and not having max 3 bombs in the whole game? This makes him an unnecessary talent. However it is a rather powerful burst because the double bombs will devastate all. But next is there protection?

I think to do either:

A) The engineer starts with bombs.

B) He can in proc thanks to the bomber talents.

There, that would be interesting and viable. Too bad to have 3 stacks but never to see your reserve filled.

Having a slow squishy-ranged character is always risky; it’s nothing like WPoS, which is fairly easy to play. I have practiced with engineer extensively (moreso than most ranged classes), and I have tried many different builds. Great damage output but rivaled closely by the ranger who can use invisibility to get off more shots safely, and can maneuver much better.

The engineer’s main advantage is the crank gun, (and 12 shots with the torpedo launcher is meme quality stuff), but those are very slow weapons that you can’t use without ample space, and even with a shield, he can’t get enough room to shoot without teammates close. He’s a ranged character, but I end up spending so much time in melee, where he does not shine.

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