Orestes Mk IV Assault Chain Axe

Is there a reason why the Chain Axe needs two attributes that govern it’s mobility related functions - Mobility AND Defense? These two attributes decide Sprint Speed, Dodige Distance, Dodge Limit, Sprint Cost and Push Cost. It seems to me all other weapons have these function baked into one attribute?

Maybe remove one and give it Cleave Targets or First Target instead?

Think it’s supposed to be a relatively mobile single target weapon. Because of it’s low push attack usage, it’s decent during a horde as well. I’ve been meaning to craft one up for my zealot, but have other priorities ha

The dagger’s supposed to be a mobile melee weapon as well. Still only has one mobility related attribute.

I’m trying to get a decent one as well and that’s when I noticed it. Just think it seems… odd?

I happen to have a pretty good one of these. I tried it today just for a radical change of pace and am very confused by it. It seems like it simultaneously sucks and does no damage, while letting me run around like a madman and kill everything. I cannot explain this.


So after all this time I finally decided to give a new weapon a try. I’m so glad I just took Orestes Mk IV Chainaxe to the psy-lab and NOT to an actual mission. God, this weapon feels…so bad.

Light attacks have this “sawing” animation which makes you “stick” to the enemy you hit and prolong your attack animation on what is supposed to be your fastest attack. It just makes you vulnerable to other enemies. Who designed this?!

Heavy attacks are meh. The only reasonable thing about the chainaxe seems to be fast push attack. This just needs to go back to the drawing board.

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Believe it or not, as long as you don’t hit a hand with it and send your camera on a wild party ride, this is actually the best part of the weapon. Unlike its weird mediocre damage and baseball bat heavy attacks.