Orestes MK IV Assault Chainaxe - Delay in push attacks

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It seems like when trying to push attack repeatedly there is some weird delay that there wasn’t before.
if you wait between each push attacks it works as intended, but if you try to push attack a lot there is some delay and you cannot push attack.

Also the new moveset light attack after a push attack, makes the weapon less horde clear, the light attack after a push attack, should have remained horizontal instead vertical.

You usually loop push attack heavy for hordes anyway, though I’m also not a fan of the lights having their cleave entirely removed. Weapon feels more fluid when you can weave lights in a little more safely.

after trying out a bit more, the light attacks are fine in the end, it was more about the light attack linked after doing a push attack. that one was changed, became vertical instead horizontal.
but i guess i need to get used to it, and yes push attack and heavy can still remain a valid option.

the real concern was the push attack delay with another push attack, somehow there is some weird delay, which seems to be acknowledged now, which is great.

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