Options for other highlighting effects

I’m not a fan of the silhouette highligting effect on tagged enemies and items and fellow players.
I think it is obstructive and it really very much absolutely destroys immersion.
It destroys the models of enemies and characters, especially monsters since they are always tagged.
Turning off highligting is not what I’m looking for and I’m sure there are players that prefer the silhouette effect, so I would like options for how things are highlighted.
Maybe there could be an option for an icon over instead.
Maybe a diffuse surface under highlighted things.
An option for something less obstructive at least please.


A lot of games seem to struggle with this. A somewhat trasnparent icon overhead with the green or blue color is what I would try, but I don’t know if it’d fix the problem. The most obnoxious obstructions are usually the red or blue shield icons (for downed party members or objectives) that completely obscure what they’re over at most distances.

I’d like to see a semi-transparent overhead colored icon with a recognizable shape to denote which team member it is. I’d imagine something green with a symbol for which team member it is would do. For tagged enemies, much the same, just have a semi-transparent overhead blue icon with a symbol that indicates what kind of enemy it is. For tagging potions, ammo, coin and supplies, I’d like to see icons that indicate what kind of item it is and maybe a different color than the blue used for tagging enemies; perhaps yellow.

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Sounds great to me, the icons could also scale, within a limit, to indicate distance.