Opinion Poll: Best QP Legend Carry Careers

Sure it is not. This dude might be just bad at the game, and can only contribute to the team as a tank.

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Well, maybe ? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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no, simply can’t be because evil ranged meta.

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er, what’s wrong with being assertive and passionate in an opinion based thread? you’re making it sound like he attacked you personally. he’s just stating his thoughts. zzz. come on.

in response to this thread: i’ll list the ones i don’t want to try to carry on: slayer/merc/FK/zealot/wh/bw/rv

mostly classes that can’t sustain their ammo, since i’m the one hunting and killing specials most of the time.

You’re making it sound, like I attacked him personally. I am just stating my thoughts. zzz. come on.

-rolls eyes-

with that kinda logic it’s no wonder i find myself replying so much to your postings lol

Huntsman w/ halberd/1h sword + handgun/longbow headshot build, Unchained w/ mace and fireball, Zealot w/ flail.

zeolot with flail . of all the classes i found that one had by far the highest completion rate of all the classes.

put it down more to the sheer volume of control it just seems to keep the others alive

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