Open up the skins between the marks

Heya, the new models are great, but I’d appreciate it if I could use the skins between the marks. For example, let the new chain sword mark use the mark IV skin and vice versa.

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This is a part of the game thats still in alpha phase, please have patience. The skins are actually not skins they are models in another color. Maybe at some point they will update the tech to actually reflect the intended purpose of the feature.

For what it’s worth - the Weapon Customization mod basically works as the system should be working. I.E., the “skin” is a paintjob that you can apply to any base model item. The base model can then be modified/customized from there of course.

Even if you have no intention of actually customizing a weapon with the mod and ignore that whole features, just installing it will make the textures/skins function on the original base weapon model, as it should. I.e., the texture is applied to the weapon class in question but the model remains the same. This will apply to all skins in my experience.


Is the mod working well with the new update? That’s the main reason I haven’t gotten it yet.

It think so. I was looking at the discord thread and it seems like the crashing is mostly resolved already. Maybe some scope misalignment issues crept back back in for some weapons? The new revolver customization was already added too.

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