One of the new hats in the Emporium is bugged

Foot Knight’s new hat doesn’t have a name or any description.

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Both the name and description should be Kruber.
No more, no less.


In game explaination should be:

Kruber know only how to write his own name

Joke’s on you, I don’t see a hat there. Fitting name and description in that case!

True that, but we’d be forgetting the majestic beard! I’ve been waiting for it on a FK “hat” for a long time.

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:smiley: I can’t seem to replicate this on my end! I’ll assume it’s a one time occurrence…?

Mercenary also has a “hatless” hat, but it has both a name and description/flavor text.
The recently released “hatless” hat for Foot Knight has neither.

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