On the recent paid shop statement

I know this isnt on the devs most likley, but the statement about how you are going to keep things on rotation to prevenmt clutter is either a lie or you just think players are dumb.

In game shops can have multiple pages, and its prefered so player are not preyed apon by greedy fomo, and if the UI gets too cluttered and you cant find what you want, the UI needs a bloody redesign, not a false bandaid to squeeze more money from players.

While im glad it has been confirmed past items will rotate back in, we NEED concreate details about the rotation speed. How long will it take for old items to come back, weeks, months, years? If its too long the fomo is still there, and you have effectively done nothing to meet our very reasonable demands.

Look, you give us a shop with a UI that allows items to stick around forever, reasonable prices, the ability to buy exact amounts of premium currency, and the ability to buy spesific items from within bundles? I and I firmly expect many other players will galdy spend money, but this wishy washy nonsense around making the store better is bullsh*t and will just lead to more bad PR, the games pop dying faster, and in end the a massive loss in long term income, which to my understanding is the entire bloody point of a paid cosmetics shop.


Yeah they just don’t respect our intelligence man. We’re warhammer fans. Go open Games Workshop’s store right now and tell me how we’re supposed to be confused by Fatshark’s 5 offers lol.


:rofl: Wut a deliciously ironic

Yeah, it’s sad. But the best we will see on this is another statement by that co-founder talking to the press how everything’s a big misunderstanding.

Genuinely, I can’t believe someone thought it’d be a good idea to tell players “Oh, we don’t want your widdle heads to explode”

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Personally I can flip through 5 or more pages of information. without being overwhelmed. A catalogue system is preferable.

There is no other answer as: Fatshark thinks the players are dumb and they want to intercourse them in some way possible.

Look at the Aquillas packs.

They will put now one out for 2400 to buy the most expensive cosmetics.
But the 100 Aquillas pack? In a few months.
If this isn’t a scam what else is it.

Or I could be wrong and the 2400 pack is easy to implement and the 100 pack is just “immeasurably complex”.

This is sooo stupid, you can only laugh about it…

No, no, it’s all to help us. See, we’re already overwhelmed if there’s too much choice in the shop, now imagine adding two currency bundles at the same time, that’s crazy!

Whereas giving the ingame currency a conversion rate that is needlessly off something like a 1:1, 1:2 or even 1:10 ratio compared to the Euro/Dollar, now that’s helping us confused users.

I mean, they told us that those two packs were the plan all along, surely, that’s not just a bad excuse when caught red-handed, is it?

Seems pretty obvious that gamers are indeed dumb.

I know, right?
Unfathomable. How can a man be so BASED and yet a CEO?!