Olesya, Talk to me, please!

I have completed Weave 1 and Dark Omens multiple times I’ve seen a lot of people talking about getting a cutscene but I didn’t get one. Are there any other pre-requisites to get her to talk to you?

We can manually enable it for you. Please send me the URL to your Steam profile. :slight_smile:

Hold the heck up, what cutscene? I do not recall seeing anything like that after doing omens&trying out weaves.


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I concur. First time hearing of it.


Oh, no cutscene, my bad - but we need to manually “unlock” Olesya by the sounds of it.

Cutscene is said to much. First time beating Dark Omen’s should have a small scene where you see the Keep area for the Weaves with a voice over of Olesya. No characters just a few seconds showcasing the area, probably intended to help people knowing where to look.

I would show you but it seems there exists not a single video of it ^^’


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