Old Penances with new abilities?

So I’ve been trying to get the old (Redacted) Ogryn penances but since patch 13 the old class abilities are gone or reworked. Is the ‘Don’t Stop Me Now!’ penance still doable without the old ‘Unstoppable’ perk? The In-Game penance still calls it ult by it’s old name ‘Bull Rush’ While it’s called ‘Indomitable’ I believe. Does anyone know if Fatshark is going to rework these old penances or are they going to be removed from the game?

Don’t stop me now (the one where you have to run a mile in 15 seconds or something, right?) required two things: extended charge (now baseline) and enough cooldown reduction to ult twice in a row (which needed a feat).

May or may not still be doable if you charge into a horde of shotgunners, kill em all with ripper gun, and then charge back towards team.

On second thought it’s probably even easier now. Just get in a pug full of psykers, wait for them to start tagging elites, rush in (they’ll all be dying from assail as soon as u reach them) and ult back

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Alright thank you! I’ll try that I suppose. Didn’t register the extended range is basekit now. Still wonder if the game will register it as the combat ability name is now different as described in the penance but it’s worth a shot.

Yeah, I wondered the same and posted pre changes about it.

I’ll be disappointed if it’s no longer possible. Guess I did have plenty of time, but never found “that group” to do them with.

Yeah I got all Psyker penances and almost all Zealot penances down. I hope that with all the new abilities the next update will give us more penances and that they’ll make sure all the old ones are still doable. I’d be a shame we can’t earn those cosmetics anymore.

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