Okri's Challenge - Bardin - Targeting Calibration


First off I feel establishing how I’m interpreting this challenge is important. As per the in-game text states : “Kill a Monster, a Special, and an Elite in a single Crank Gun activation.”

My interpretation : You activate your Crank Gun, and get the killing blow on a Monster, a Special and an Elite before you stow/put away your Crank Gun.

If that interpretation is correct, then I believe I have achieved those conditions three different times now; the last one being very clear as I ran my Crank Gun for about nine minutes in-game from the start of the mission.

Steps to reproduce : Kill a Monster, a Special and an Elite with a Crank Gun in a single activation and return to keep. (No challenge completion notice/actual in Okri’s Challenge.) * May be prudent to note, I have not looked at the Quests portion AT ALL since the Outcast Engineer release.

Consistency : Very confident this has happened three times now. All before Hot fix was released though.

Evidence : Sorry, none available.

Even with these (very minor) bugs, thanks for the great DLC Fatshark! Stay safe everyone!

It probably means a single burst, so getting them all while keeping fire held down continuously


As spatnack has mentioned above, I can confirm that to complete this challenge you must kill a Monster, Special and an Elite in one single crank gun barrage - so all in one go.

Good luck! :grin:


This should be flagged not as aknowledged but as not-a-bug then

You are correct! I derped the tag. Thanks :grin:

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