Bombardment(OE's Okri challenge) is completed by weird bug (w/ video)

:exclamation: This video is from my twitch clip. So max resolution option is 1080p. Sorry for bad quality video.

:black_small_square:Challenge Description.
:heavy_minus_sign: Using a Bomb, Kill a distant Ratling Gunner as Outcast Engineer.

:black_small_square:Explanation of this video.

I was host and played as Mercenary. My friend played as Outcast Engineer.
The weird bug happened at 0:24. OE threw bomb to rattling gunner, and unchained bot kill it. And I completed Bombardment challenge and my friend (OE) couldn’t complete this challenge.

I still don’t know exact reason.


That is…odd

This spaghetti is 3 levels deep…

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