Okri’s challenge cursebroken doesn’t work

Been running light weave #1 numerous times. Using full curse resist, no curse resist. Never reached more than 2 stacks at full curse resist, never more than 3 with zero curse resist. Challenge cannot be completed.
Fix your game.
Please acknowledge.

Cursebroken is one of Season 1 Quests. You can’t complete any of Season 1 Quests. Because those challenges were only obtainable in Season 1.

You can’t also complete any of Season 2 Quests. These were only obtainable in Season 2.

You can complete Season 3 challenges during season 3.

You can complete Weave Expeditions challenges in any seasons.

In short, Season N (N is the number of season) challenges are only obtainable during Season N.


Perhaps you missed the part where this IS A WEAVE EXPEDITION CHALLENGE, not a seasonal. It DOESNT WORK.

On the Xbox there is no season list. It is only weave epeditions.


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Arson90 is correct, It’s a season 1 challenge that cannot be completed anymore.
This is more of an issue with V2 on Xbox, it needs better transparency.


Weak. Just like the audio ques in weaves.

What’s wrong with the audio cues in weaves?

Oh, because I’m PC platform player, I didn’t know that. I thought all platform’s challenges are same. Hope you solve your problem soon.

This is also an issue with PC, I already spoke about it during season 2 (either remove them, as you can’t play them anymore, or make them available).

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