Ogryns need more weapons

Enormous upscaled ogryn handcannons? I’m thinking that the omnissiah approves this message.

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While not really exactly either of these, I think some great weapon choices are from the Official GW Necromunda Jotunn Industrial Ogryns models.

Massive Ogryn sized augmetic fist (or hopefully they make it duel fists!) would be neat, Ogryn axe could be fun but still generic, but things like Spud Jackers and Storm Welders could make for fun and unique ranged weapons.


Necromunda also has ogryns with rocksaws

Wouldn’t really work mechanically as those are grafted, so you wouldn’t be able to swtich to a ranged weapon

I mean yeah but they could easily enough make a different pattern of them that aren’t and add them to the game. It’d be far from the only or biggest compromise they’ve made and I’d be fine with it.


alright lets say you’re right. I disagree, that’s not to say I wouldn’t mind more weapons. I’d bloody love krak grenades. and I wouldn’t necessarily object to more weapons for the ogryns. That being said. my one and MAIN gripe is the inability to combine the slab, with any other melee weapon so you’re not just limited to the bloody maul. I WANT to carry the cleavers/knives with teh slab. I understand why they won’t do that though. the game is buggy enough already. [witness that I’m crashing more now in recent days mid battle than I used to]

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Weapon kit have to be made themselves. Its not like Skyrim where you can have both hand working separately. Slab Shield and Knife/Shovel/Normal Maul could be easy introduction (as the model are already there.) So they most likely gonna happen. Same way we’re most likely gonna see paired weapons like how Vt2 introduced Paired Hammer, Axe and Falchion…, here we could see Ogryn Maul and Knife for example (See Krourk Ogryn Auxilia regiment).

How about a chain cleaver?

No matter how scuffed and weak chain weapons are right now i still want one for ogryn. Rusty cleaver man is fun and funny but we could do so much cooler.

Also shield and grenade gauntlet WHEN?

eh. main reason I wanna keep the slab is ogryns can’t duck as easy from say, snipers, where as with the shield, if you’re running the sniper gauntlet condition and 4 snipers pop ahead of you, bring up the shield and let the others pop heads while the snipers shoot ineffectually at your shield. I’ve done it that way recently

I just noticed that the bottom middle is using a Power Pickaxe

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some day ogryn will be cool

Fatshark is working on it, but feel free to help. Best way to do that is probably to do what Deisu did and add more Ogryn art for them to take inspiration from, whether it is official, fan-made, or just more pictures of Warhammer Ogyrn minituares.

It’s Darktide arts, like made by FS

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