Ogryns need more weapons

Compared to the other classes playing the ogryn gets very stale after some rounds.
I love the ogryn but his miniscule weapon arsenal makes him kinda unattractive to play.

A lack of weapons means a lack of variety and in the endgame that’s pretty much the only interesting thing.
And with more weapons I don’t mean more marks of already existing weapons as those don’t really add variety at all.
More melee weapons atleast are much needed as it’s the f’king Skullbreaker.

I really hope the ogryn gets some love in the next content drop.


Melee or firearms? they are about even with other classes imo. just a matter of preference. although personally I wouldn’t mind being able to take any melee weapon for the ogryn
and pair it with the slab shield. not going to happen mind you, but it would be fun

Kind of the curse of having only unique weapons. And tbh, new variants of the Slab Shield (Though we’re getting a Shield rework iirc) and the Shovel could be quite neat

we know the big man needs more guns, but Devs have to do things one piece at time, so as not to repeat the mistakes when they first released this game, full of holes and crashing too easily. Plus, I am pretty sure that new weapons are on list for future content, just a question of how far down it is. Right now the Devs are focusing on the Penance update coming in the first week of May.

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I’d love more content but I’d also love a balance pass being done over the off meta weaponry. It’d be easy to give a bit of love to the underperforming weapons who have enforced damage targets / poor horde clear.

He has enough guns. Melee arsenal feels lacking. Mostly because none of his melee weapons feel particularly 40k. While none are truly bad, only very few of his melee weapons feel impactful. Most of my attempts at creating a weapon combo where his heavy attacks feel truly mighty as befitting from a 900 pound man-gorilla have produced ‘meh’ results. Mk VI knife with tier IV Thrust and Slaughterer is the only weapon whose heavy attacks feel really strong, and it’s still completely outshone by pretty much any Bull Butcher with Momentum or a Mk IIIb Club with Confident Strikes.

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Have you tried the power maul? When you use the special for it, the next hit you perform is enough to knock over crushers and bulwarks.

I have used every weapon on him. Paul is fun but ultimately nothing special. The special function feels clunky and causes a slowdown that doesn’t seem to be apparent on any other power weapon.
So, even though the attack is fairly easy and efficient, the actual feel of it is clumsy for seemingly no reason other than to reinforce the class’s clumsiness. Mind, the problem for me isn’t winning. Most of my Damnation runs are pretty smooth these days with just about any combo I am trying out.

My problem with the Ogryn is that I can’t really live out the fantasy of being a big guy with a big weapon that turns big hordes into small puddles with his big heavy attacks. All clubs (and the shovel) suffer from the fact that they can not damage more than 3 targets.


I like how you guys don’t seem to read more than the headline.

He def needs more melee weapons.

How are they about even? Ogryn has like half the arsenal that human classes have.

But the other have shared weapons, so it’s not really a fair comparison, unless you divide them equally, where it become more balanced (though with the Ogryn still being on the tail end of things

Yeah but the game doesn’t divide the amount of weapons between the classes.
So every class has double the amount of playable weapons compared to the ogryn and with it double the amount of variety.

The comparison doesn’t need to be “fair” if the outcome is always that the ogryn infact has less variety than the other classes.

I know chain weapons are cursed, but I’d be a fan if Ogryns could get a chain-adjacent weapon like the rocksaw or some charonite weapons without having to be amputated.

Also a two handed weapon.


I present you the Ogryn Siege Drill Gauntlet

Work quite like the Grenadier Gauntlet, but having a drill instead of being able to shoot grenades


Hadron would have a heart attack and/or blue screen of death if she saw an Ogryn using Space Marine weapons.

I like it.

I would love a two handed chain axe for the gryn

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Ogryn is definitely in a decent place right now. Its fun to use and pretty tough. But his melee weapons are bland and tend to hit like pool noodles against 80% of varieties of targets in the game and then only manage to feel good against a handful. The Bully Butcher actually has the same problem but feels good because at least it mulches the most common enemy types. As soon as you start running into heavier enemies you start feeling extremely weak for a man capable of denting tank armor with a heretics skull who is weilding torso sized cleaver. At least you can punch them.

Game balance is important but they got the feel of the ogryn wrong and his melee weapons are boring. A the addition of a chainsword/chain cleaver and a power-pick would fill out his roster nicely And he could use more damage on basic attacks. It doesn’t have to be huge buffs to make him feel good.

Skullbreaker breaks no skulls because his weapons do like 150 damage.

But i digress. I expect he will get quite the selection of ranged weapons with the data mined Gunlugger class. Here’s some guesses for what you might see:

Plasma Cannon
Heavy Flamer
Heavy Bolter

how they’re going to balance heavy weapons against the already significant power of common lighter versions of the weapons is beyond me but I don’t care too much. Better they get introduced as OP and everyone has to cry about trying to get them into balance than they not get introduced at all. Its more fun that way.


While the ogryn isn’t in a bad spot he is in a weird one. He is supposed to be the tanky close combat version of the ogryn but his close combat style feel clunky to use while he has some of the funniest long range weapon with big boom and gatling.

A great thing for me would be to give him some more swiftness, not going to a near halt while charging an heavy attack or a special mode, maybe a bit more dodge move and less stagger from fire.

The most frustrating event for me with the gryn is to kill abunch of ennemy in CC then get melted by four guys standing nearby because I can’t make a glid du to stuns. This is ultimately my Bad but it happen far more often with the Gryn since his battle style is much less glidy and jumpy leading you to stand in the clear after a fight while the other never stop moving and dodging.

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I am pretty sure most of the new weapon suggestions for Ogryn amount to some kind of heresy, lol.

Well apart from Plasma, and possibly Flamer there aren’t that many restriction

Like in the lore we have:

  • 2H Hammer
  • 2H Axe
  • Spud Jacker (Wrench)
  • Power Maul and Brute Shield (Suppression\Assault)
  • Axe
  • Flail

But could introduce:

  • 2H Power (Industrial) Hammer
  • 2H Power (Industrial) Pick
  • Slab Sword


  • Multilaser
  • Heavy Bolter
  • Autocannon

But could introduce:

  • Lascannon
  • Goliath Hand Cannon

but many could be invented, like the only thing not allowed are the Charonite stuff

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This conversion is so iconic, they might as well make a pistol weapon based on this model. I know it’s technically a Ripper but I won’t let that stop me from imagining shooting heretics with bullets as big as a bowling ball.