Ogryn grenade gauntlet and cleaver hitbox problem with Mauler

Both weapons, the grenade gauntlet and one of the cleavers, have some hitbox issues while trying to hit a Mauler from behind. The issue appears to affect both vertical and some direct hits, charged and non-charged attacks.

Hypothesis: it seems to be a hitbox problem related to the ogryn’s model position related to the mauler’s one, since stepping back a bit seems to resolve it. Still, I believe not being able to hit your enemy while being too close is a problem.

This might happen with other weapons, but I obviously haven’t tested them all.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Select Ogryn’s grenade gauntlet or cleaver in the Meat Grinder
  2. Place yourself directly behind a Mauler
  3. Try to hit him while aiming directly at his head
  4. Miss completely

See supporting video evidence! Also please note, my ogryn’s height was maxed out, which might influence something about the hitbox.


Player ID:

Reproduction Rate:
Often to constant

Sorry to highjack my own post but I just verified that the grenade gauntlet seems to be the bigger offender here, as the second charged hit seems to miss with quite high consistency other enemies in the meat grinder. I’m not gonna post more videos since it can be so easily verified, but you might want to take a look at the grenade gauntlet hitboxes, or even if possible to any weakpoint hitboxes, as it seems that the ogryn has a hard time trying to hit them