Ogryn deserves so many improvements yet the official release exhibits None

I’ve been playing Ogryn for two Beta tests, together about 70 hours at minimum, and I just can’t bear it anymore for the team’s negligence towards all the issues Ogryn has. Now that the official release has been launched, with what I have checked in the game I have to say I am very disappointed :

Gameplay wise:

  1. Anyone who have tried above level 3 will agree that Ogryn’s damage is definately MEAGER. It takes three hits to kill a pox walker, ONE POX WALKER, with a pair of maul and shield that has an almost full damage bar on its statistics. When there are four classes it’s usually expected that they are complementary. If a veteran with a power sword clears a wave better than an Ogryn does, being able to take cover and eliminate distant enemies efficiently without concerns of being exposed to overwhelming fire powers when the shield almost instantly break after stamina bar empties within three seconds on level five, then why would anyone bother playing as an Ogryn?

  2. Same applies to ranged weapons with areal damage. Grenadier gauntlet, especially, has almost no damage done to any target the projectile doesn’t directly hit.

  3. While ALL other three classes are able to perform all the mutilation effects, Ogryn skull crasher, SKULL CRASHER, isn’t allowed the decency to at least apply head explosion animation to enemies when using a blunt weapon, ANY blunt weapon. Being not able to cut off limbs when using a club is reasonable. How reasonable? It is as reasonable as being able to remove your enemies’ heads in the way a huge baseball bat heavy-hitting a palm-sized water-melon when a blunt weapon is used!

Not to mention that first such special effect has ALREADY BEEN MADE and applied to Zealot when a hammer is used. Why not let Ogryn obtain such feature as well and improve gaming experience significantly? Besides, blunt weapons, due to their ability to better stun enemies comparing to cleavers, are obviously more oftenly chosen by players.

  1. Connecting stamina with shielding duration makes the currently only playable set of melee weapons on high difficulty level almost insufferable. It is even worse when one can only walk slowly when shielding. If one Ogryn must raise his shield after running to his teamate’s side he almost surely will fail to do so because of a shortage in stamina which shielding requires. On the other hand, the slow walking speed when the shield is up often see the shielding break before Ogryn can reach melee distance on high difficaulty level.

  2. There’s also a lack of an active aproach for Ogryn to engage distant enemies when they are scattered around instead of mustered. Players can use the charging skill to enclose the gap, indeed, but with most gun-using enemies posisioned evenly along a horizontal line or within an area Ogryn can only approach a certain unit while facing the immense fire power from rest of the foes. If the player chooses to shoot at distance with teammates, gun features of most Ogryn weapons dose NOT support such playing style with strong recoil and no zooming-in via sight. It’d be so much better if Ogryn can shoot rounds behind the shield, regardless how unsupportive these guns are for distant fire exchange.


  1. Are you suggesting that an Ogryn, who’s able to smash a chaos Terminator armour space marine’s head into his chest, can only deal with so little damage? Being not able to make enemies’ heads explode when he kills them by smashing his blunt weapon into their heads?

  2. It is quite common for a shield, both in reality and in WH40k, to have an embrasure. Adding one to Ogryn’s shield would be lore-accurate.

I really like Ogryn in WH40K and I do see a lot of potential in this class and in Darktide the game itself as well. I really hope the team can make this class as crucial and enjoyable as any other classes. It would be a huge disappointment if such a charming character end up becoming a soon-forgotten or waste-of-possibilities part of this game.

I left multiple feedbacks during both tests and all the problem above hasn’t changed a single bit. There even isn’t the power club for Ogryn which was IN THE TRAILER ! This is beyond unacceptable.

Ogryn is pretty good at keeping enemies staggered.