Ogryn cosmetic suggestions

  1. Both the helmet and rebreather at the same time. Proud of my beta helmet but want to be a bullgryn :slight_smile:

  2. Dark single shade skin for the armor, so it fits with normal unlockable cosmetics.

  3. Decal option for armors that have enough room, or a Beta armor skin.

Pardon the crude photoshop. That is all. Thank you for all the hard work Heavy Fish! :slight_smile:

The fact that I can’t even dress my ogryn like the one that appears IN THE GAME COVER (!!!) makes me really sad… It’s all undershirts and belts… ugh!



They really should’ve had a face AND a head option so that the gasmask and helmet can be equipped independent of eachother. I get that head, torso, pants, and back are great options having 2 more than v2, but i dunno. With the amount of gasmasks warhammer has for the guard, aside from the ones being sold for real money in darktide, there is so many cool looks.

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Another idea would be adding challenges to cosmetics, that allow to unlock their higher forms.

So if you complete some sort of “Kill 3 beasts of nurgle” challenge on the helmet, you unlock a “rebreather” version. Or something. I dunno.