Ogryn Cosmetic Suggestion Premium and Vanilla

Would be neat if the non existence Smoke Grenades on the Stomach would be replaced by actual Grenade Thumper Shells which are already in the Game.
Makes way more sense and looks Dope!

Hammer of the Emperor(Imperial Guard) Sigil for Premium

on the Vanilla Trousers

Made with this Skull

on this leg Armor both side

They are nice, but for teh Price sah, we need more Boom, sah

Please rather than having Imperial Eagle on the LegArmor on the side make the Imperial guard Sigil as a Reliev with the Assets already on the armor. It stands out better than the one from Vanilla. For the price it would be good!

Also like i mentioned already, version without Camo. Just Steel would be neat, maybe Darkened one or i dont know. Its not much work just paint it.
Some Hoods come in different Colors for the price of one!

Also is it possible to still have Hair on the Headpice(bone’ead) like a Mohawk or something?!