Cosmetics - Let us know your suggestions!

As new cosmetics (top hat?) will surely arrive down the line, I for one would like to hear from the community if they have any suggestions regarding cosmetics (top hat?) like, for example, a top hat.

Would actually do several sacrifices to the Golden Throne to get my Kasrkin outfit, Power Pack included.

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i just want the Veteran Helmet with Goggles we have as Background here…


Would actually do several sacrifices to the Golden Throne to not see people running around in top hats to be honest… I like my grim-darkness extra grim, and extra dark.

I already find some of the imperial edition and other patterns not really fitting the setting, for my taste.

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They don’t need ideas, they need to get to work. There’s dozens of special Imperial guard armies with their unique styles. The Death Korps of Krieg, Maccabian janissaries, cadian shock troopers, the Armageddon steel legion, the mordian Iron Guard, Savlar chem dogs etc… Same goes for outfits for the psyker, Ogryn and Zealot.

There’s literal Mountains of artwork, painted miniatures and fanart that if you were to pile them up they would rival the size of Olympus Mons.

The real question is: Why is nothing of that in the game? 4 years of Work and you’ve got 4 assortments of tactical bags, a camo shirt and a Bullgryn costume?

Man, they haven’t even released the cosmetics the rejects wear on the box art! The only decent armour sits nicely behind ~12USD paywall packages. The game is hemmorhaging players, the forums are on fire with well deserved and yet unacknowledged criticism of core mechanics of the game.

Potential future cosmetics should not be high on anyone’s priority list. And given the track record of released cosmetics so far… Fatshark seems to think so as well.