Ogryn Bully Club Feedback (in comparison to shovel)

TLDR: club light > heavy (repeat) combo needs to be faster

Bully club feels great for bonking. There is 1 minor exception that makes me not want to use the weapon at all.

Things i like:

  • heavy overhead slams and it’s extremely satisfying to watch enemies crumple underneath it
  • slap is hilarious and has great utility
  • solid horde clear with the right combos
  • good stagger
  • hehe club go bonk, sounds design is fun too

Things i dislike:

  • the delay in the Light 1 > Heavy 2 (repeat) combo >:((((
  • i wish the overhead did more weakpoint damage (i’m reasonably confident this is an ogryn thing across the board though, i get it)

Some train of thought ramblings about the club:

mash light attack is ok for horde clear but only 2/3 attacks are actually sweeps, spamming heavies is only 1/2 sweeps, kinda bad for hordes. so i look for some combo to try to optomise the horde damage and it has the fairly common light attack into heavy attack for sweep into sweep that can be repeated. great, i love it in theory. but theres a HUGE delay in the combo (see video 8 second mark). it feels like its heavy into heavy because its THAT slow. its too slow, i get smacked in the middle of it, very frustrating. it’s difficult to weave in push attacks because push attack leads to single target attacks (both light and heavy). this can be better for armour damage which i like in other situations

so i look for some other combo, light light special. all sweeps, great! with the added bonus of slap is hilarious. i struggle with it because slap does almost no damage and its not really a horde CLEAR more of a horde CONTROL.

in comparison, the shovel has a very similar attack pattern, same upside of having a great overhead heavy, push attack is the same but leads to sweeps. it doesnt have slap special though (big downside for me, slap is too funny). shovel also has light > heavy sweep combos, better than spamming light sweeps because it has great synergy with heavy attack talents.

but the main thing, shovel combo is it isn’t horribly slow (see video 29 second mark). the tempo of the shovel combo is: BONK bonk. BONK bonk. this feels much better to me because i get smacked in between swings less often and have a clear place to dodge to cover the windup of my attacks, with enough of a delay to reset my dodge timer.

in comparison the tempo of the club combo is: bonk. BONK. bonk. BONK. if i want to cover the windup of these attacks i have to dodge every time, which i can only do 4 times before needing to stop.

also the defences stat on the shovel is just the mobility and defences of the club combined (minus sprint speed but that’s near worthless imo). this makes it more difficult to find a club with good dodge range and good push cost (things i value alot).

in conclusion: I want to use the club because i love slap and the heavy overhead does lots of damage. in reality the horde clear combo is too slow and frustrating. other horde clear combos do too little damage. i use the shovel instead but the overhead and slap of the club will forever be in my heart. i really hope the slow combo is a bug and not a feature, the shovel already has light spam for better/more versatile horde clear to keep it’s identity.

Please buff attack speed <3

the video:

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I said same thing on my post about Bully Club (at least, similar)

And shovel’s punch can stagger attacking Rager on Damnation difficulty. And Bully Club’s slap can do that too as far as I remember, the problem is if Rager is second target or third or higher number, you can’t stagger him. Punch can aim to stagger accurately.

So it’s somewhat meme special to me. Normally pushing is superior than slap. Punch is stronger stagger than push.

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i agree! I like the slap because it’s funny, not because it’s optimal