Off Balance Question

I have a couple of questions about the off balance trait.

  1. Can anyone confirm that it is actually functioning as it should? I feel like it is hard to notice a difference in game.

  2. Does the increase in damage only apply to the person with the off balance trait or does that enemy take 50% increased damage from your whole party?

Thank you

It’s everyone’s damage, but my understanding is that it’s actually only 20% (tooltip lies)

Really? I hope that is not true. If it is, FS needs to change the tooltip immediately. But actually, I would prefer that it just be changed to 50% like it is supposed to be. 20% isn’t really worth it for only 3 seconds. Especially when there is a better alternative such as swift slaying. I would not mind it being 20% as much if the duration could be longer.

Most of the weapon traits are not good enough to be useful because who would choose them (in the meta) over swift slaying and maybe off balance (unless it is only 20%…).

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The 20% is still pretty potent but, yes, it really should be the 50% as advertised.

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I don’t even know if it has any FX on it. I remember that rats affected by it in V1 had this red-orange mist around them.